Friday, December 12, 2008

im home

still have shingles. its still in my eye my ear my nose on my bottom lip and down my arm and chest. went to both dr's this morning gp and nerologist. gave me stronger pain meds and a nerve blocker (dont worry it wsnt lyrica they put me back on carbatrol) so I will be asleep hoepfully through the rest of it. they said should be alot better by monday if I can jsut rest. the other meds was making me just shake cuz the pain is if you can imagine. i cant describe it. anyway im layig down gonna rest. Merry christmas. Everyones presents are probly gonna be late cuz well... I havnt been able to make crapp but shingles the last week. sorry. I will do my best though.


Jocelyn said...

My sweet friend, you have having such a tough time! I wish I were closer to you, because I would come right over and take care of you! Please try to get the rest, because I know what shingles feel like and let's say, jump from the highest bridge because the pain is so intense. Do not stress about the presents. You can celebrate in January, so much more fun and less rushed. Keeping you in my prayers, I have been checking in to make sure all was OK! REST, my friend!~

Cheryl Wray said...

Bless your heart Nancy. I'm just so sorry you're having to deal with the shingles again, right here at Christmastime. You just take care of yourself!

Tara said...

Take care my friend and know that I'm thinking of you.