Sunday, November 30, 2008

updates and some new scrappy stuff!

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. We did. LOTS OF YUMMMY FOOD! lots of left overs lol. It was so good to get to see everyone. My blood pressue was off the charts so I didnt really get to do alot plus I had shot night the night before Thanksgiving so, The Thanksgiving eating didn't go to well for me. I got about 8 bites into and ugh oh. Ya. didn't work too good.
BUT man when I DID FINALLY get to eat it was good. Later that night I did get to eat rolls and a little dressing. YUM! SO now I have been enjoying the leftovers. I did the cooking that John wanted me to do (some things that he just wanted me to make that are my sepcialty) on Wed. the day before. I knew after the shot that night I would be pretty worthless. Glad I got it done ahead of time! That is one thing I have learned! Make no plans for after shot. Never know if I will be sick or not. lovely rebif! YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY.. if the cure don't kill ya. I have looked into taking the other meds that are out their. BUT, My dr says because of the fact I have shingles and where my lesions are.. I NEEED to take an interferon. so This is the best one that will help me. WE got a second opinion and he agreed (UAB in BIRMINGHAM) I have to say it is alot better than it was though. I really wanted to take the IV once a week but he said it wasn't for me because I had shingles (on top of the M.S.) :( grrrr.
Our 10 year wedding anniversary was Friday.(yaaaaaaaaaaaY!) WE didnt really do anything for it this year. We were so thankful I was alive and able to be "UP" and not laying in bed Thanksgiving we didnt even focus on our anniversary this year. We were sooooooo exhausted. Even Bella I think was tired and ready for it to be over. Everyone left by Saturday lunch and the house is soooo quiet. We have had people here since Tuesday. I enjoy having company but man IM tired.
WORN SLAM OUT! My blood pressure is actually better today. First time in weeks! IT is actually at normal! HURRAY!!!! Thank you for those prayers. Keep em comin! No clue why it is going up so much except for pain and being tired. It has been around 140 to 150 over anywhere from 101 - 115 so ya my dr was kinda freakin. Told me I was a stroke waiting to happen.

They took me off the Topamax and added inderal.But now we think it wasnt the topamax doing it. It was still really high even off topamax and the topamax DID help the headache :( Was having major headaches like i have never had in my life. ANd so dizzy. Ya kinda hard to cook and stuff Better yet scrap when yout head is pounding and the world is tryin to throw you off.
Today I feel more like myself. SO MUCH SO THAT...

I actually got 2 things made with the December Kit from Scrapbook Obsessions.
I still ahve alot to do. Im sooo behind. I tell ya I will be so glad when they get my medicine situated and LEAVE IT ALONE figure out what works and then let me get used to it. Every time they mess with my medicine I get behind (always makes me end up sick)
I did these today actually I had started on the layout before Thanksgiving so I finished it up today.

Sorry it is kinda blurry my camera is acting strange...

I used lots of Stickles on this to make it glittery. I used the GIN X coaster alpha letters that you can get at Scrapbook obsessions. DONT THEY LOOK LIKE DECORATED SUGAR COOKIES??? I thought they were tooo precious.
I had to bling up the little christmas trees I cut out of the Patterned paper and pop dotted on their too.

Here is a close up of that:

I also made this ornament frame:

The little frame itself came from Hobby lobby. My mom had them in some of her stuff and brought them to me. I painted it and added stickles and cut the snowman out of the patterned paper. That is Love elsie ribbon I had in my stash. It matched perfectly with the little snowflakes. I may be making some of these as gifts for Bellas sunday school teachers.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. If I can figure out what the deal is with my camera I will get all my Thanksgiving photos loaded and show yall some out takes from our holiday.


mjr1066 said...

Love the page...might have to steal the design!

LFA said...

hey Nancy ... wanted to say hi and send you positive vibes. and oddly enough, I'm having blood pressure issues right now as well. So I can totally sympathize with what you're dealing with.

Hang tough!


Jocelyn said...

Sweet friend, you are so having a tough time! Wow, so much to have to deal with and I am sending you bigs HUGS this morning! You are such a fighter and strong lady to get through all of this with your wonderful attitude! PLEASE take care of yourself and DO NOT PUSH IT! This is coming from someone who knows and doesn't listen to her own advice. The MG is kicking my butt for doing wayyyyy to much! I love the LO! So detailed and just such cute pics!!!! Feel better soon!

Cheryl Wray said...

I just LOVE that page!