Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hope you had fun last night too!

I gave up trying to rescue the Hannah Montana wig Bella has yesterday. I dont think there is enough conditioner in the world to get the knots out of that thing. SO I just Beauty Queened Bella up and Put her Hannah Hair Band one of the gramma's got her or maybe Aunt Liz I can't remember. (its cute anyway) she looked adorable. Her hair didnt stay fixed long It was kinda humid. (lots of fog machines going too)

You know I can't take photos of Bella without her monkey shining for at least one!

We went To Greg and Tara's. This is Bella's Boy (Yall are familiar with Brayden from my blog Posts) without his mask on.
She went and made the rounds with him.
There is his mask. Bella said WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE?????? hahaha.

I will probly get beat for this but here is GREG Im not real sure what he is sup to be except RED.hehehe, I think maybe his true colors coming out a little. It was halloween ya know.

I was gonna say something really clever like Tara was gonna wear a costume but she she misplaced it at the last second so she didn't but it was just too easy. and well SHE just looked so darn cute! SO I will give her a break. The eyelashes were too funny! I wished I could have stayed longer last night.

I was going to just hand there let the kids go trick or treating Gregg was harrassing kids, I mean passing out candy, Tara's mom and her husband were hanging out with him on the porch so we were just gonna hang till time to go home and take my shot. Well ughmm, WRONG. Stupid medicine or MS or some of all of it who knows. No warning. probably mix of flashing lights kids sounds and meds but the porceline Gods called. So The soup that was so good earlier wasnt so good and we had to make a quick exit. Bella had already been trick or treating so She didnt miss out. I just hate we had to cut it short.
We got home and John took her to the couple few houses of People we knew here. Actually the street here was packed you could hardly drive so many people.
about 30 minutes later we heard this LOUD LOUD BANG that was almost like a gun shot firework slam sound. John came back to see if I fell or something. He looked out and all kinda lights were popping on and he heard tires squealing.
SOME dude. In an S -10 turned around in our neighbor across the streets driveway and BACKED OVER our bricked in concreted in the ground mailbox. THIS THING IS 3 feet tall HOW DO YOU MISS IT (it has reflectors on it too) I AM SOOOO happy no kids were hurt I just keep thinking omgosh if it had been 30 minutes earlier. when all those kids were there. We are in a 300 home subdivision you can barely drive down our street halloween. so you can imagine. THEY didnt stop. They didn't even slack up THey sped away. SO, The neighbor Mr. Tuck helped John get the bricks up out of the road and most of it though was still in one big piece THANK GOD. and they moved it over into the grass. So no one would damage a vehicle or themselves. GEESH. Suposedly some others were done so we wonder if it was an accident. I have to think it was. why woudl someone intentionally dent up the back of their vehicle?
Today John went out to see what could be done. A guy stopped that was just driving by said the same thing had happened to theirs. (CRAZY PEOPLE OUT LAST NIGHT I TELL YOU) Their was a haunted houses on our street so lots of kids, so maybe that was it? so anyway, HE KNEW kinda how to fix it So he HELPED HIM put it back. IT is not that stable and if someone hits it again will fall again but... HEY ITS NOT IN 5 Pieces all over the road now!! IM sure that dude's truck is IN MUCH WORSE SHAPE! I just am so happy no children were hurt!!!! That terrifies me!

So anyway we are watching AUBURN PLAY BALL TODAY. Bella is playing and counting through her halloween candy. We are trying to make her ration it!
SO now we start getting ready for Thanks
giving. The whole next month will be about house cleaning for us haha.
Hope everyone had a safe and fun time last night.


SASHA said...

somebody need to cuzz his ass out and whip his azz for runningover your shit, and I am so glad no kids where hurt...the costumes were TOOO TOO cute girl .. love them

Crystal said...

First I want tosay I love all the pictures. Im so glad too that noone was hurt OMG my husband would throw a fit.

iluv2scrapbook! said...

Glad no one got hurt Nancy and it looks like Bella had a wonderful Halloween. Sorry you ended up sick.

Jocelyn said...

Bella looked adorable and I am so glad that you got to spend some time with her! Sorry to hear that you got sick! Yuck, stupid disease!. I can't believe that happened to your mailbox. There are idiots everywhere. Happy Sunday and check out my kidlets!!!

Rita said...

Your DD is adorable! Sorry about your mailbox :( Luckily no one was hurt! I just can't believe some people!

Angel said...

Bella's the best " Hannah Montana"
I've ever seen.... I know that wig!
Our neighbor's( little girl) had it last Halloween , Bella's real hair looks way better! Glad she didn't wear that thing! Very Cute !

RitaS said...

Great Halloween pics Nancy. It was pretty crazy in our town too - kids didn't go out treating for safety reasons. Fortunately grandma brought the kids her leftover candy. "-)