Sunday, October 19, 2008

Scrappin my kit!

This months kit from scrapbook Obsessions has the Basic grey Ambrosia in it and all I can say is HAVEEEEEEEEEE MERRRRRRRRRRRCY! I am so lovin' all this OOOOORRRRAAANNNGGGE! SO GORGEOUS.
I have to say though, I have been slow scrapping it. I had a Dr visit (Neurologist) on friday and well,
I got a new script called TOPAMAX that has turned me into a drooler.
30 minutes after I took the first one my IQ dropped severely. I think my eyes are rolling around in my head non stop now. I can't remember crapp anymore. WORSE than before I took it and I was pretty bad to start with... I can stare at stuff all day long and not think of what you call it to save me. I still cannot think of that guys name from the movie that said "groovyyy babbeeey" and I know it as well as I know my own name. IT is NOEL Mignion's FAVORITE movie. (see I CAN REMEMBER THAT but what the &^%$ is the name of it!?) I have no clue. GRRRRR I hate this stuff! Making me crazy! I am hoping these side effects will go away soon. I am not hearing good things from others though. anyway....
Scrapping this page I kept looking at this paper and almost falling off my scrap chair from getting dizzy. Ya pretty pathetic huh? John told me he was getting me a seat belt for my scrap chair. Hopefully that will subside after I get used to it.
One of the side effects is weight loss (FINALLY! THANK YOU LORD! THEY FINALLY, PRAISE JESUS!! GIVE ME A MEDICATION, THAT DOESNT MAKE YOU PACK ON THE LBS LIKE A BUFFALO!) but you watch.. I will be the less than .0000000001% that will gain weight or at least not loose weight on it you just watch. WHY? cuz that is just how I roll.
although I have had some good luck lately, at other things... who knows maybe juuuuusst maybe...oh well.

I couldnt wait to scrap these fall festival photos so I figured since I had this lovely kit from Scrapbook Obsessions I might as well get to it. SO here ya go...

I think she has a few kits left if you are interested.
That is one of Bella's good buddys Mandalyn on the left and yall know Eva Caroline on the right in that photo. (yall saw the photo in an earlier post) How cute are they? Hard to believe they are 5!! It is going by wayyyyyyyyy toooo fast!!!


Nicole said...

great design on that page Nancy...hope your body adjusts to the new meds! =)

jan williams said...


AUSTIN POWERS BABY!!!!!Thats the name of the movie..I think!

Jocelyn said...

Yep, It's Austin Powers and I am hoping that the body will get used to the meds quickly! Hey weight loss, pass some of that my way! I'll droll and be a space cadet to get rid of some of this weight! Love the LO, you rocked this one! Justhow cute are these little ones. Times do pass much too quickly, that's why we have to get these photos on paper so quickly. I am so far behind, poor Gavin will be 2 before I get his first year done. Oh well, that;s life. Stop by and see our trip to the Pumpkin Patch! Have a wonderful Monday!