Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy October 1st!

HAPPY OCTOBER EVERYONE! This has to be MY MOST FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR! The air is getting a little bit cooler WHICH IS A HUGE PLUS since heat is to me as Kryptonite is to superman (totally disables all my super powers man!) The world is getting so beautiful. The leaves are starting to turn. AHHH just pretty. ALthough here in L.A. (LOWER Alabama) we get like a week of fallish weather then bam winter. Which when I say winter it isnt like WINTER up north ALabama where they get snow and cold cold weather.
We have only had snow one time since we had moved here. Unfortunatly it was at Christmas and we had gone home back to Mississippi and of course it DIDN'T snow there! So we missed it. OH WELL.
Last night Bella pulled out a stack of books and wanted John to read them to her. John looked at it and said ya know, you can read this Bella. It has most of your sight words in it. (Hop on pop by Dr. Seuss) I video taped her reading it to us. IT was pretty funny. She would argue with him on what some of the words were.
I would put the video up here but it is so dark you can't see it. I have to figure out this camera better on how to video with it. I guess If I READ THAT BOOK with the words in it, that splains all that, maybe it would help. Hmmm Maybe in the near future I will just let Bella read it to me hehe.

Tonight at INSPIRE ME , they are having their first ever chat! It is at 10 pm EST. Here is your chance to meet one of the owners of Websters Pages and chat with the design team about new products and what is to come! I made this layout with their Parlor Collection. ALSO, Have you seen their new lines? Oh my gosh it is BEAUTIFUL. Hope to see you there!

I am still working on Bradlees album about the Michael Stark award he won last weekend.
Maybe I will get finished with it today. Then I can show ya! I will give you a sneak peak at a couple of the pages. My brother got permission from Michael's parents yesterday. I want to thank them for letting me put this up for you guys to see.
Michael passed away a year ago on October 28,2007. He was a member of the Bronco club that my brother Windale and nephew Bradlee are in. (it is a truck club where they go riding on trails and sling alot of mud around and act like boys! lots of fun)They got to know Michael and his family through attending the Oklahoma Classic Broncos Roundup for the past couple years.
In Michael's honor they started an award given to the young person that most exemplified the qualities and ethics that Michael held sacred. My nephew Bradlee was the first recipent of this award. They also held a memorial service on the trail and scattered Michael's ashes where he so loved to be. Back on the trail.
Michael's mantra was "DEEP FAITH ELIMINATES FEAR ON THE TRAIL" That is what I am using as the title of this little album. I want Bradlee to know HOW PROUD we are of him and the Stark family to know how honored we are that Bradlee was chosen for this.

Here are a couple pages for you to check out.
The album is by Bo Bunny (chipboard 6 x 6 album)
I used Reminisce Designs Patterned paper (Genuine Boy) Stickers and rub on's as well as Making Memories tiny alpha stickers, for this album. (photos are courtesy of others)

(Michael Stark in his Bronco )

(Bradlee receiving the award)

I will show you more of it tomorrow as I get more of it finished. Don't forget also this evening is the reveal of the new kit and add on's at SCRAPBOOK OBSESSIONS. I can't wait! (we are tryin' to get hints out of Chantele but nope she's not budgin!)
Hope you have a wonderful day!


Gaspegirl said...

I can't wait to see the rest of that mini-album! Great start to it!

mommy2alex said...

First, I just have to tell you that every time I come to your blog, your header pictures just make me smile - she is so stinkin cute!!
Love fall too! Don't know where you are in LA - I'm from Tallahassee, FL and we used to go to Op for the Rattlesnake Rodeo/Roundup, so much fun!! That was many moons ago, but good times.
Great layouts, what a wonderful album that is going to be, such a sweet aunt you are!

Raquel said...

looks great!! I love the cool weather also!

Denise said...

Beautiful start to the mini-album. I look forward to seeing more.

I love fall, too. :o)

Elizabeth said...

That's a really sweet album your making!!

I love the fall too!! It's my favorite season!!

Benita said...

Great layout & album! I can't wait to see the rest.

Terri said...

Fun blog... I will explore - tj from Kirkland

AnnaMarie said...

I'm with you on fall - my favortie time of the year! WOW your Webster's Page LO is GORGEOUS! And can't wait to see the rest of the mini-album, you're off to a great start with it! :)

happydays525 said...

Fall is a favorite here too, great projects!

merryheart2 said...

what a fun mini album. great pages.

aren't kids so fun at this stage. i love it when they start figuring out things and learning so much so quickly. their brains are like sponges. she is just too adorable.

Hope you have a great week.

vtpuggirl said...

Beautiful pages here! Yeah Fall! I'm gonna check out the new kit!

Kelly said...

Love your pages!!

Chrys said...

great project!

Jocelyn said...

Happy October 1st to you my friend. What a wonderful tribute album! Love you LO of Bella. She is just so precious! The heat is better here too so maybe I can get some inspiration and mojo going to get scrapping all these pics I have! Have a great day!

Karen said...

Love this time of year as well. That first layout is absolutely beautiful!


kimosabescraps said...

gorgeous layout... and tell him congrats on his award!

Rita said...

I just love your WP LO! Gorgeous!!

Kristii said...

Your work is totally amazing girl!!! I am loving this time of year too! A change does a body good!!