Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Yall aint gonna believe this crapp...

This is REALLL long. so if you dont read it all I dont care. It is mainly for my family and close freiends. I am really hoarse and hard to talk on phone long. and I want my friends that have MS and Lupus that READ MY BLOG to TAKE NOTE of what happened to me. THIS COULD very EASILY happen to you!!!!
so BE CAREFUL ESPECIALLY if you are taking one of these medications we have to take that effects your immune system.
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT you do not wait.

THIS is just..IT IS BEYOND crazy.
I am at home. THe hurricane is going away. that is good news too.

The bad news
there are 3 more tropical storms out there.
the other bad news.
I have the chicken pox/shingles
I said again.
I KNOW I KNOW you are saying " I thought you could only get them one time"
well yeah.. MOST PEOPLEEEEEE only get them one time.

I Have M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis) and Lupus and..... I wont give the whole list because it is just pointless. regardless I have alot of crapp wrong with me. Physically (sometimes we wonder about mentailly and shut up cuz I know you are going " YOU FORGOT MENTALLY TOO!!"
see I dont have to say it.. you already know that.

BUT SINCE I am on an interferon and it messes with your immune system I can get everyting.
well to tell you how viruses work on people that take interferon (which is chemotherapy just in smaller doses than what cancer peopel get) my immune system is screwed up. SO If a kid at Bellas school has chicken pox.. even though Bella doesnt have them she can carry them. same thing with other viruses too. We just have to be careful. no eating after each other, no eating ice cream and kissing mommy on the lips, (yeah i know gross but that is what i think happened) or kissing me on mouth period she has to only kiss me on my cheek. wash hands alot. I mean what can ya do?
I cant ship her to another country!!

THat is why I Dont go nowhere. I stay at home from church, from wal mart the grocery store etc. cuz my dr always says that is where you catch stuff cuz people will come there with stuff and not know they have it yet or come anyway even though they are sick.

SO ANYWAY. At 10 something I told my cousin Jan I was almost positive I had a shingle on my ear behind it that i felt weird. but I didnt want to say out loud it was a shingle and jinks myself and that be what it was. I showed it to john and said ok so maybe its just a zit he said looks like a zit to me so we kinda went in denial.He looked kinda like oh great. so I kinda dropped it thinking ok mabe its a zit I dont want him mad. The medicine is expensive and well we have spent sooooo much money lately with the hurricane and my medication is god awful expeinseive i had to ahve the mri and well you guys know how expensive it is you all take the same crapp I take. PLUS we were having bad weather and who wants to get out in that...
maybe it was a zit it will go away.

few minutes later one came up on my lip real good (i had a little one there but thought i had hurt my lip brushing my teeth.
nope SO i told john IM sorry. Dont be mad at me. I know it is gonna cost alot of money and we aitn got it but.. i think ireally need to go to the dr. This is feeling tingly and i think i am getting more of them.
so i called dr he said come in at 2. This was about 10 30 or somthing (It was after Joy and Sheri got into the political fight, and after the "new kids on the blocks" tryin to dance like the temptations but they instead looked like some just really ugh.. middle aged men tryin to dance like the temptations making us laugh our butts off) so it ws after that. whatever time that was..
well iwent and laid down. i noticed my throat felt weird and i couldnt breathe
good so I got up to go get my inhaler out of my purse and I fell. hurt my lip more and started beating on teh bedframe with the remote control.
my legs from knee down went ice cold and knumb

john FINALLLLLLLLLY came back there and got me on the bed i ponted my throat eh said need your nebuliser i siad ya he thought i was having an asthma attack. no
my throat was closing
i did the inhaler just kept on pumpin it over and over had to be 20 times total so he ran got hte nebuliser an i rem prednisone. they always give epi,(you know on ER they always say "push so and so mg of epi" but he said there as on in the cabinet and one also at her school, anytime someone is unconscious,, just I wasnt unconscious but i was headed that direction. Bella had and epi but i thought it was with her at school. so anyway he goes and gets prednisone and i swallow it it goes halfway down so I told him heat u p my water and i drank it and dissolved it (dont try that just for fun cuz it is nasty as all get out)so anyway we did ALL that stuff.

so anyway he got me to the dr ( it was an experience cuz we used my computer chair and my legs were draggin and i kept slidin down. its kinda funny now. you have to laugh so you dont cry cuz it is pretty humiliating.

They gave me a big shot steroids and a breathing treatment and i got to feelin better and could talk
throat wasnt raspy
also noticed I could feel my legs a little better and wiggle my toes
but i still cant walk exactly like before now I drag my right leg and my foot turns in and on the side.
like i walk on the outside where my pinky toe and side of my foot are all the way t touching hte floor on the side instead of flat on the sole of my foot. SO we are praying as the shingles/chicken pox (he said it was chicken pox some argue it is shingles that you cant get them again but they aint me... and ughmm he said when you run fever and they are all over it is chicken pox not shingles. shinges is just on one side in one spot on that nerve in a line (and i have had those too) and you dont run 101. something fever almost 102 after taking 2 aleeve either. (I am on that every morning when I take my shot the night before yall know the drill with that and phenegren so i dont have the shot side effects so bad)so when i was feelin crappy jus tthought it was cause i took my shot the night before. WRONG. DO NOT WAIT if you ahve a bump and feel weird CALL THEM dont ASSUME IT IS the shot!!! (like I did)

my eye is swollen, I have them in my throat on my lips and my thigh my back and my stomach my inside arms are a couple on my eyebrow and on my shoulder.
They keep popping up so who knows where all they are.

I am doing breathing treatments every 2 hours and taking big doses of prednisone and taking the antiviral med that you take for shingles/chicken pox.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IF YOU TAKE INTERFERON. IF YOU HAVE a zit that feels funny dont try to ignore it even if you think your husband will get mad cuz all your other meds cost so much and you knwo that the medicine for it is expensive so you didnt want to think it really was shingles....
DON't go there do not do that!!!

INSTEAD GO to the dr even if you suspect because when you take that it messes with your immune system and can kill you!!! IT can happen that fast.
SO LISTEN TO ME cuz it just almost happened to me

(not to mention I heard christian music and this pink hair lady singing amazing grace on the tv and it was gettin louder and i was layin on the remote but by god I thought the angels were signign and I was about to check out!!)

PS. I didnt allow comments on this post for a reason. NOT that I DONT care if you leave condolences and yes I appreciate your prayers more than anything. BUT this post was more to INFORM people to do not do what I DID. Because I wouldnt want any of you to suffer with soemthing that happened to me. PERIOD.
So it isnt to offend, or get any attention yes i appreciate your sympath, but mainly I wanted you to learn something and that is NOT TO WAIT GO TO THE DR Even if you are scared they will thing soemthng negative. YOU still need medical help it is your life in their hands.