Wednesday, September 10, 2008

stilll tickin...

Yes Im still alive, No Im not well yet. Still got chicken pox on my face and neck and a few scattered here and there that are sores now (thank god they have progressed to sores from the blisters) Yes I am still running fever Yes I still feel like crapp. YES I Plan on going back to dr.
I think I covered all the questions. If you have ever had pneumonia you understand how hard it is to talk on the phone but also how hard it is to sit up for any long period of time. Makes everything hurt. SO I was just getting all the questions I am being asked out of the way.
YES I am doing the breathing treatments i got up to every 6 hours before having to go back to every 2 hours.
Im going to go back to bed now. BUT thank you so much for the prayers and well wishes Just isnt anything new to tell. I do think I am a little better... Just dunno what its gonna take to get rid of this crapp.


Brigitte aka Scrappassie said...

Been reading your story, boy do you have rough times, I am so sorry ! The hurricanes would freak me out, on top of that your illness ... I hope you will get better soon, just keep up your spirits ! Will light a candle for you ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh no chicken pox, you poor thing I really hope you feel better soon.

Carole xx

Aubree said...

feel better nancy

jan williams said...

Rest and get better soon!!!

sandra said...

hope by now you're feeling a whole lot better!

and about the squirrels-thats what i told my brother about it not eating the patty and he said, 'hey, i feel offended!' haha