Saturday, September 20, 2008

A little beach of advise,

I have been working on this mini album for what seems like for flippin EVERRRRRRRR.
I started on it back innn june? Maybe? Anyway I kept getting sick and then other projects took the forefront and it got pushed to the side. BUT, It was important to me to get this little book finished. It has little tidbits of advice in it I have learned along the way of my thirty "cough" something "cough" Years of life.

The album is from Prima. It was one of the add ons from Scrapbook Obsessions.
I took colorbox chalk inks and a paint brush (not the foam kind the brushy kind) and swept it across the front. I used several different colors. I also used some of Tim holtz distress inks. THEN I took a dark brown and swept the pad lightly across to get the raised embosseed words darkened. That way you could read them easier.

I used some ribbon that is like netting behind the photo and spelled out Beach in bead letters. I THINK that is a prima flower (honestly I have no idea where that flower came from if you recognize it gimme a yell) and the wooden number 5 came from Scrappin Friendsy. I took teeeeny tiny bling and dotted all the little i's with it on the book and center of the Ki memories lace paper flower that is on the back ground. Isnt that the cutest little star fish? I got that in one of those little bags at hobby lobby that has all the little buttony stuffs in it.(can't rem what they are called)

I hung the dog tag that I got from a friend long time ago (thank you Roberta) and the sunshine was a pull knob on this old little box that had a drawer. It was ugly on that thing but I kept it. Voila makes the perfect accent for this little album.

I will show you the first page and then tomoorow come back and I will show you some more of it.

on the left the intro page says:" This little book is filled with words of wisdom, just because I love you. Mommy"

The Journaling on second page reads: "When the going gets tough, DIG DEEPER, sometiems its not what we want to do, BUt we find our treasure in the digging instead of in the treasure chest" (meaning sometimes its the experience of doing something that makes it more meaningful, more so than the expected outcome. Say you want ice cream. Ice cream is good. But when you had to make that ice cream from scratch with your family and you had like a family reunion sitting around taking turns cranking that old timey ice cream maker.... If you have ever made ice cream that way, you KNOW the novelty of it all wears off realllly quick. ya theice cream taste good, but the memories you made while making that ice cream, visiting with family, taking turns crankin the ice cream maker will stay with you forever, and you will probably never ever forget how good that ice cream was,)make sense?

I used GCD studios patterned paper (from the Scrapbook obsessions kit)
(prima flowers, creative imaginations epoxy stickers, just the edge cardstock, colorbox inks, some more of those little buttony things from hobby lobby, Bo Bunny cardstock dotted paper, 7 gypsies epoxy stickers, and a zig writer)

I also wanted to address some questions I got about my wall of stamp shelves in my scrap room. MY sweet, Handsome, awesome, talented, handy man of a father in law made those bad boys for me. John literally took all my stamps out and measured the smallest one to the largest. That way they knew they would fit.
I NEED one more the size of Half where the wood comes down the middle of this one and my wall will be complete. BUT, My father in law is getting older and I think he cursed this, me and the wood more times than he cared to mention. He is a perfectionist. so he used the best lumbar the best everything. THESE PUPPYS ARE SOOOO HEAVY we had to use special stuff to keep em up on the wall. BUT that is just the kinda man my father in law is. HE WANTS THE BEST. I was thinkin' scrap lumbar, cheap, didnt care if it matched. I can paint it kinda thing, You can IMAGINE my SHOCK and SURPRISE when in he walks Christmas with this!!!! I cried! I was floooored! So these were my Christmas/ Birthday present from my in laws and I tell you. I value them with my life. He said THERE WILL BE NO MORE MADE LIKE THIS. He refuses. I have been offered all kinda money for them but Im sorry they mean more to me because he took the time to make these special. I told him he could make some money if he woudl make a few of these but, He said no thanks. SO... IM sorry.
BUt If you know someone that crafty with wood stuff. I will be nice enough to give you the measurements off of mine. Or just measure your stamps and make it custom to your needs. I have told him time and again he needs to make these that I have people that will pay him. He is just not as able to do it as he once was. It is a shame because he is sooo talented with this kinda stuff.

ALSO I want to wish my AUNT IRENE a very Happy Birthday today. Bella painted you a picture and it will be in the mail on Monday. (I will give you a hint what it is when she decides to tell me! ha!)

I hope you have a good day and tomorrow I will put up some more of this book. It has lots of pages so I didnt want to bore you to sleep with all of it at one time.


Scrappytbear said...

That is SO cute! I love it and I love that you are busy again :)
I enjoyed your comments on my blog yesterday :) I miss you and it was nice to hear some of the old Nancy chatting away on my blog :) I cant wait until I catch you online again, MISS YOU!

emily said...

Nancy, the album it just great. I love the look of the cover. The time it took to do was well worth it.

Oh, and I'm so envious of your stamp wall. Looks awesome!

McMGrad89 said...

Thanks for stopping by. I love how organized you are.

As far as Hannah Montana goes, she is banned from our house and the list of shows my oldest can watch is getting shorter just like the three year old. We have taken to saving movies and certain shows on the DVR to be watched on demand.

Anonymous said...

whoa those shelves rock!!!


Cuties layouts ever!! I'm so loving all your mini's too. I just love some mini's.

Those shelves are FABULOUS!!! Lucky girl.

scrappermimi said...

That mini is the look of it! Those shelves are very cool, perfect for a scrap room. What a great FIL!