Saturday, September 13, 2008

Heaven has a new Angel...

This photo was taken off a recent post on Aleida's blog. WE SURE ARE GONNA MISS YOU LADY!!
The world has a little less humor and brightness today. I will miss her puns on how I can just go on and send her what ever project Im workin' on since her baby girl's name is Bella also. I will mis her in the blog world as well as the scrappin world. SHe was such a funny lady.

My friend Greta has gotten some info and is getting her blog turned into a hard bound book to give to the family. She is accepting pay pal donations. PLEASE if you would like to donate anything feel free to it does not matter how much every dollar will go to her family. She hopes to have some left over to just give them the money.

you can read the information and how to do so HERE

I have thought about this all evening and can't get it out of my head. This is such a horrible tragedy. For those that don't know. She was killed Friday in Dallas in a car accident. SHe was hit by a car driven by a 22 year old that ran a red light.
The scrapbooking world is in tears. No one can believe it is true.

It has made us all hold our kids a little tighter.
I am so glad her family will have those beautiful scrapbook pages she made. They will have those memories of her to look at forever. THAT is why I scrapbook.
It is making it even more important and real tonight.

I hope if you don't scrapbook or anything of the sort, That you will at least take more photos after today. Capture memories for your family to continue on with. I know scrapbooking isnt for everyone but, anyone can take a picture.

Hug your family a little tighter and tell em you love em an extra time today.

We will miss you Aleda and I wish I had known you even better than I did.


jan williams said...

This is just too Sad!!!! God bless this family!!!!

Greta Adams said...

thank you so much nancy for helping me spread the word.

Ki said...

Such a beautiful post for a beautiful lady. This is just so tragic, so senseless... I miss her so much already. Thankyou for visiting my blog today... ((HUGS)). I appreciate and value your friendship so much...I too am hugging my little ones alot yesterday and today.

Suzie Webb said...

Your words were so well put, such a nice thing you and Greta are doing for her family, I hope word gets around about the project.

noelmignon said...

So so sad nancy.... HUGS girl!

Lisa said...

Yes, Aleida was a blogging buddy and this is so sad. I wish her family, especially her adorable children all the best.

Jessi Gribbin said...

Thank you for letting me know Nancy! I am so heart broken. I cleaned up my scrap space today, and everything in here reminds me of her. It's been a hard couple of days, but it will eventually get better. Thank you so much for being here for me. Just another reason you are so amazing!! Take care and big hugs!!