Wednesday, September 17, 2008

errr ughmm... NEW TOY??

OK THIS GIVES The phrase my boy toy.... a whole new meaning.

John had to work later today, Martin his co worker and friend that has the Florida territory, had a death in his family. So, John is covering for him. (Please keep Martin and his family in your prayers please.)
I still am not real secure driving yet. My legs give out on me at the drop of a hat and I never know when or where. My dear friend Tara Picked Bella up from school (that is Brayden the little monkey in the toybox in above photo's, AKA Bella's "boy" His mama) She brought her by the house and let her change into play clothes, then back to her house to play for a bit. Bella LOVES going to their house. She says they have the coolest toys (what she means is NO PRINCESS stuff and definitly nothing PINK) When she brought her back by, they played here for a bit and let us visit.
It was good to have her over. I don't get out literally, I go to the dr. and that is a challenge. She helped us out a great deal I hope she knows how thankful we are. She also made my day brighter.

I tell you another thing that made my day. TIM HOLTZ. GOd Bless him He saved me alot of tears! I was working on a layout for the ONE LITTLE WORD challenge blog. I reach for my handy dandy Ranger Paint dabbers and the paint had seperated. It all kinda clobbed up at the top. So I did a quick inventory. I have A LOT of different bottles of this paint. EVERY ONE OF THEM but a couple were the same way and some of them had never been opened. MY HEART SANK. That is alot of money in paint. RUINED.
I know I had not scrapped alot or used my paint in a while but, NEVER IMAGINED this would happen. I couldn't even imagine how I would tell John I would have to replace all this paint, It woudln't happen right now, not with these dr bills and medication bills adding up.
PRAYING, I went to their website, trying to find anything that said I could add water or do some special dance move that would make this paint spring back to life. I did get a phone number off their site though and called but got an answering machine. There is a time difference and you know that tragedy as a rule never strikes until 5 minutes after closing time!
I thought for a minute and asked my cousin Jan, Would it be inappropriate to email Tim Holtz and ask him if there was any way of salvaging this catastrophe. SHe said "shoot naw girl if it will save the paint email him!!" I had posted on a couple boards asking if anyone knew of anything and everyone was kinda with me at a loss.
I was scared to just start experimenting till I heard back from Ranger.

So, I emailed Tim Holtz and it was NO TIME FLAT before I got a reply. HE SAVED MY PAINT and my supper (I was so nausas thinking of throwing out all that paint) SO ANyway I THOUGHT I WOULD SHARE WITH YOU WHAT HE SAID TO DO. SO IN THE EVENT (God Forbid) THIS SHOULD HAPPEN TO YOU. Maybe it will save you some worry :) (I got his permission before posting his email reply on my blog)

"hi nancy-

sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the dabbers. I completely understand your frustration, so here are a few ideas:

-first, always shake your dabber before you use. paint in general will always separate (even when you buy it from the hardware store to paint your house).

-if the paints are too thick, simply add some water to them and either shake them or stir them with a popsicle stick (you will not harm the paints by adding a little water to them)

-if the top of the dabber is dry, simply wet that as well to rewet the paint to flow through the top, you don’t need to remove or rinse it, just wet it

-also store your dabbers upside down. since paint is thicker than ink, they are much easier to get going if stored upside down.

hopefully this info helps. there are so many variables to these paints (temperature, storage, etc.) but if these tips don’t’ help, just let me know and I will forward your information directly to ranger for replacement. thanks…


tim holtz

I also want to show you how I store my paint.

My father in law made these stamp shelves for me, I use one of the shelves in it for my paint. He actually recommends storing it upside down instead of on it side like I have done. So.. Not sure how I am going to redo this.
I Have to have it where I can see it or it will forget what I have.

So I tried what he said, AND IT WORKED. THANK YOU AGAIN TO TIM HOLTZ for helping me through my little crisis. I also have to commend him. He was very quick on responding and as you can see was very accomidating and made sure my problem was taken care of.
I was so very happy because I REALLY NEEDED to use my paint!!

I am almost finished with my layout for the "OLW" challenge, I will post it when it I get finished. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and all your paint never dries out =)



Jocelyn said...

Nancy, thanks for passing on this info, beacuse my paint did the same thing and I couldn't get some of them out of the dabbbers. I ran right into my room and did what Tim suggested and it worked. I too was sick thinking I would have to throw these away because I just love them! So glad to see you feeling better and creating. I am on the other end, feeling awful, so I can only come to your blog and adore what you are creating! Have a wonderful day!

Vee said...

first tim is so sweet and I need to store them like he suggested because I don't second I want to come over and play your space looks so awesome!! ;)

Noel said...

how cool that Tim came to the rescue! YAY! And Bell's new boy toy hmmmm..... :)

scrappermimi said...

That is what I call customer service! I have had that same problem so thanks so much for posting the solution!

sandra said...

omg, your drooling!
i love those shelves. i have been trying to put up regular shelves in my tiny room for over six months now! imagine that lol
i dont have any paint dabber but ive been so tempted!
now that i know how to properly store them and 'troubleshoot' them i will definitely try them :)

Susan Beth said...

Ah, could your father in law come and build me some shelves? Amazing. And I am not surpirsed that tim was so helpful. I've seen him work a crowd, and not only does he really know his stuff, he really wants to connect with people who love to do what he does!

Linda Beeson said...

Soooo happy you got a good solution to saving all of that paint!!!

Heather said...

Good information to know! Thank you for posting. And glad to hear you were able to save the paints! I'm always disappointed when a product fails or doesn't live up to expectations!

Rita said...

Thanks for the tip about the dabbers...I have one that has done the same thing! What great customer service! Such a cute pic in the toy kids do that too!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

gotta love nice people!

vtpuggirl said...

That's wonderful that he is such a friendly and nice person! My Making Memories paint has dried out, I'll have to try that!

Close To Home said...

Oh wow!! To have that guy come to your aid so fast! YEAH!!! Thanks for you comment on my blog...Although I do not experience the health difficulties you have, I have fibromyalgia, and do know how hard it is to create at times. For a variety of reasons!!

Jessi Gribbin said...

Dude Nancy! That is so cool that he emailed you back so quickly. I am glad you could save your paint. I LOVE that picture of Bella and her boy toy. :) So cute. Hee hee... Doing better today. I started sketching A's book today, so healing has started. Thanks for being so awesome!

AnnaMarie said...

Your space looks awesome and so glad that Tim saved the day for you! ;) Have fun creating!

Chrys said...

so glad you got some answers! and from Tim himself! :) :) Great space, loving those shelves!

Anonymous said...

Could FIL PULEEZE come to Sweden and build me some of those shelves? I would be eternally grateful!