Sunday, June 29, 2008


My sweet friend Leslie Tagged me. SO Here are my answers.

1) 10 years ago......

I was 28 and marrying the love of my life.

2) 5 things on today's "to do" list....

1.Stay cool so no yucky "hugs" happen (why do they call them hugs they feel nothing like a hug)
2.Finish an article
3.Attempt to clean this scrap room.
4.Help John with supper number 1 again.

3) Snacks I enjoy....

Junkfood of any kind. I know bad bad bad but I do like it. I eat dry cereal alot, and grapes, and animal crackers.

4) Things I would do if i was a millionaire:

-Give back to the church most definitly.
-Give money to Bella's school so that kids that their parents are having a rough time can still go and have uniforms etc.
-Buy Johns parents a house and car and whatever they wanted. My mom the same thing.
-Take both of our familys on dream vacations, shopping givimg them whatever they wanted or needed.
-Tell John to quit his Job and let him Play golf every day.
-Take John and Bella on a dream Vacation
-Donate to MS and Lupus research
-Pay for Bella to go to the best schools/ college ever
-GO to Europe or one of those places that have more progressed treatments for both.
-Go on one helluva shopping trip
-Probly have a biiiigggg scrapbook room that all my friends could come scrap with me in.

5) Places I have lived:

Mobile Alabama
Brandon, Mississippi

NOW I have to tag 5 people: hehe. Why is everyone ducking for cover? ok ok ok I TAG, Jan, colette, Aubree,Michelle (since they just got blogs I have to tag them hehe Break them in right) and Greta.

Nothing much going on around here today. Just sorting and trying to re get my scraproom organized so I can find stuff. Tryin to stay cool in this heat. Hope you are having a wonderful day today.
Im missin' my Bella bug. SHe will be home on Tuesday. Can't wait to hear all the fun things she did at Aunt Liz's.


Aubree said...

What fun...never been tagged before! Off to post my answers....

michelle said...

I just knew i SHOULDN'T have ket you know i made a blog! LOL! Ok, gotta go do this now instead of laundry, I suppose. How can I disappoint my friend, Nancy?

Cheryl Wray said...

I just love this little meme. I think I will try it this week one day!!!

jan williams said...

Girl, No body cares what I do...bwhahahahhahahaa except maybe you....I love ya girl!!!