Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wahaii Greetings...

OK so she is still a little confused on a few words. We make her sound it out HA WA II and she says it. Then we say ... say Hawaii she says WAHAII. I can
t help but laugh cause it is so darn funny. Y'all know Johns BIG NANA, Aunt and some Uncles still reside in Hawaii. So Nana (John's mother) went to Hawaii to visit and sent/brought back all kinda fun stuff! Bella has been a Hula dancin' maniac. Every time I look up she has some variation of this outfit on. (don't ya just looove the Hannah Montana pj's under it?) I did't get the shot of the cowboy boots oh man that was so funny. Yup she is my child so what do you expect? A hula dancin cowgirl No less!

It was a stormy Friday here yesterday, My hands hurt so bad. I had those heat wraps on them and aspircream and anything else we could find, pain medicine didnt even help. I will be so glad when they get this figured out. THIS weeks dr appt (geez they are every week this month it seems) should shed alot of light. THEY TOOK ENOUGH BLOOD that it should! (we got the bill insert shocked face)
I didn't do any scrappin' I did make a card but it was a complete lift so I didn't even photograph it. I needed something that was pretty and I could make rather quickly for a dear friend who needed a smile and a pick me up.
She knows who she is and that im thinking of her and praying for her! So is Bella bug!

Nothing much going on just boring day by day waiting on dr's. I hope to clean up in here today and scrap (HAHHAHA) HOPEFULLY BElla will PLAY OUTSIDE since it is NOT RAINING AND PRETTY HINT HINT HINT. John said he had outside stuff to do. I said PLEEEAASEEE let her play outside while you are doing it. she has been in this house for a week sick and then it raining.. we are both ready to knock heads!
I know she will be busting at the seams for her Eva to come play hula girl with her. YES we got 2 outfits so they both have one to wear. Bella has tried them both on. she said that the green one fits the best (mmhmm they are the same size??) hahaha she is so funny.

OH OH MY GOSH. I ALMOST FORGOT man IM telling you My spongebob brain.. I forget everything these days. If I DO NOT write it down!! Im worse than that fish on finding nemo.
Treasures to scrap
got a new shipment in. THE PLAIN GRUNGEBOARD is here. I know some have been waiting on the plain. you better hurry she said she had sold some already its flyin out. I know she got the new BLUE AWNING by K and CO omgosh that paper is gorgeous. Some more stickles, thickers,acryllic albums, word albums, all kinda stuff. More stuff than I can remember...OH those white pens that I LOVEEEEE, she got some of them .. WAIT LET ME GET ONE then you can have some hehe. TRACY!! I NEED ANOTHER PEN! She is going to get it all added today. she got some of it added last night but had a class so couldnt get it all done. so CHECK Out the NEW PRODUCTS button at TREASURES TO SCRAP. IT is sooo much cheaper than everywhere else!!


Lynn said...

rofl! well she keeps you on your toes. love the hannah/hula bwahahahaa!

Scrappytbear said...

LOL she is so cute!!! love that outfit, its so her!
I hope your weather smartens up so you can be more comfortable and they find something to help you. Ugh you seem to have so much going on recently and some of us far away are completely detached and unable to help at all but Im thinking of you!

The Squared One said...

Oh my gosh, those pictures are beyond incredibly awesome!!!!

Di Hickman said...

hehehehehe go bella! Now is she playing you hula tunes with the HM guitar?

jan williams said...

She is absolutely YOU!!!!! I know she is having a blast with those hula outfits too!

DebW said...

I just love that Bella Bug!Glad to hear meds are working! Sorry the weather is doing a job on your hands though!