Friday, May 09, 2008


Yeah hard to believe isn't it? Feels like they just started 4k. It has been a CAAAARAAAZY year. ONE with alot of wonderful moments and great friends! Bella has had the best time and has had the best teacher. I have to brag on her for a minute though... is it ok? Hope so cause well... Im so proud! She won 2 awards last night at her little program and Graduation. She got STUDENT OF THE YEAR for her outstanding achievement in all subjects and in conduct! (yeah I said CONDUCT and this is MY KID!! I know your shocked. I will pause a second so you can regroup)

She also won the Reading award. All those nights fighting with her, making her read those little booklets are paying off. Phonics are so amazing. It just blows my mind what they are learning so young now.
OK so I am done bragging for now. I was so proud of her though. I tell ya I did break down crying. (Not just the medication Im on either)
I have a very special prayer request. Bella yesterday while we were getting ready for her program said "Mommy! Ethan looked up at the sky and fell down backwards. We hope he hasn't gone to be with the lord." My mouth dropped. I said "Ethan?, Ethan in your class Ethan? The one that was just at your party? ETHAN!!!" she said "Yup, He looked up at the lord and fell over!" she said "He is gonna be ok though, We prayed for him!" HOW SWEET IS THAT? Having so much faith that you KNOW he is going to be ok.. JUST cause you prayed for him. WHat a lesson I needed to learn at that moment. But, at the program they told us that Ethan was having seizures and they were on their way to Birmingham to a specialist as we spoke. The little empty chair right beside Bella just gripped my heart. I was just a crying. Matter of fact Im crying as I type this. So Please say a prayer for Ethan and his family. I can't imagine the fear his parents have right now.

Here are some photos from the program tonight... They did the cutest little poem and rendition of "NOAH'S ARK" (Bella was a cow.) They sang some songs and showed off their addition and phonics skills. HOW CUTE are they!! Jackson is NOAH. HOW CUTE ARE THEY! OH I also have a photo of her teacher with the Album I made. I was so happy that she liked it. I have worked on this book for a few weeks. I still have some pages to put in it from tonight and tomorrow. (we are having a "FUN DAY" so, YUP you will see more photos from that later tomorrow.) The lighting was bad for photos. I didn't want to turn my flash on and distract the kids, They asked us not to. SO forgive the photography but you get the general Idea. Just goes to show I need that SLR camera with the night lens hahhahahahaha... yeah I know 5 year plan.
Here is the whole class you can see it a little better.
There is my Bella bug... I thought she made an adorable little cow.

Here is the entire class. see the little empty chair. Just breaks my heart.

They did sooo good singing.
This is her teacher she is a WONDERFUL woman. SHe has been a blessing to us this year.

Here she is opening the album I made for her. I tell you it was worth all the blood sweat and tears just to see her face when she opened it!

I have some more photos but they didnt turn out that great with the lighting and such. I tried to get each child as they were getting their little diplomas, but some didnt turn out so well. I did get several class photos for the parents that would like a copy I will be glad to email you a copy of the hi resolution photo.

Tomorrow is our Fun day and I PRAY so hard that I can make it through it. I did ok tonight was exhausted when we got home. Tomorrow... is outside. but, I have a chair and spf 50 and an umbrella (I KNOW NERDVILLE USA) but Id rather look like a nerd than be back in the hospital.


Lynn said...

don't she look all grown up. sheesh!!! slow 'er down!!! bricks in her britches should do it lol!!!! poor ethan is in my prayers as you are. all w/be well. smoochies.

La Tonya said...

She's so adorable and I never doubted for a second she could get that award:) I'll keep little Ethan in m prayers!

SpAzzGiRL said...

cutest cow...EVER! Congrats to little Bella and I am praying that little boy will be back out being a boy again in no time. (the empty chair was so sad)

Di Hickman said...

Yay go Bella!!!!
Bet her teacher loved that book, it looked so cute from the pics you sent!


DebW said...

So glad you could enjoy the ceremony! Congrats to Bella the best kid in the world!
Prayers for Ethan going out!

Patti Smith said...

Oh Nancy it looks so precious...I'm so glad you were feeling up to all of it...I know it was hard on you girl....Bella is just precious and I am remembering little Ethan in my prayers...please keep us updated on him. Gosh you are right that empty chair just breaks your heart....You are one amazing lady Nancy Jones....((((HUGS)))))

Babydoll said...

Bella is such a doll and congrats to her for getting Student of the Year. That is just awesome!!

Annette said...

Congrats on all those awards!!!! Super cute cow!!

Scrappytbear said...

That is so cute!!!! LOVE it!