Wednesday, May 14, 2008

conversations with Bella

I have all kinda news, good news sad news and a story from Bella so hang with me for a few.
FIRST. I have a very special request. A VERY DEAR FRIEND OF MINE has just been diagnosed with Breast cancer. I would so appreciate it if you would pray for her and her family. I know she is terrified. I know she reads my blog sometimes too and I want her to know how much we love her and we are praying for her. xoxoxoxox

This part is for family that reads here.. I dunno if yall know it. but Charlies brother Paul had to have a "radical surgery" yesterday for colon cancer. He made it through fine. I did get an email from carla saying he is doing better they did find some spots on his liver that they will have to go back in and take off at a later time though.. THat sounded promising. please keep him in your prayers as well.

I got an email yesterday from SOMERSET HOME, YEAH!! They are (finally) publishing mama's christmas present it should be in their AUGUST edition. I will show you a picture of it when I get it! WHEHEW. I needed some good news. This has been a CRAPPY WEEK!!!

SO HERE IS SOME MORE GOOD NEWS this has been in the making a while also...
IM THE QUEEN OF CRAPP on the SCRAP YOUR CRAP BLOG!!! My pals Greta and SImone had this INGENIUS idea to get you to use up all your stash (so you can buy new stuff hehe) and named it scrap your crap lol
GO PLAY ALONG WITH US. I got to pick the challenge this week and YOU KNOW I PICKED ME SOME BLING! WE are blingin It out in a big way over there! I did a new layout for it but I tell ya.. I was so sick from the new meds they put me on IM surprised it came out looking like anything. I also gave her another blingy page I did for a better example. I Feel a little better today so I might just make another one.
I did another challenge they are gonna put up soon too .. hehehe go greta!! she rocked it! SO GO ON OVER and have fun with me as the QUEEN OF CRAP
Tell em we said hey! WHO KNOWS you may get to have your turn as the queen as well hehehe!

Here is something that will I HOPE make you smile as much as it made me. Yall know I LOVE these little conversations I have with Bella bug. I havent had them as much lately but yesterday we had a golden moment bwahahahaha..We were laying down (supposed to be taking a nap) and Bella propped up on her hands laying on her belly and said. "Mommy! I need to tell you somethin'" thinking this probably will be good, I asked her what it was..
she said "once apony time.. there were three beyars (bears)"
Mommy: "when did you get a pony?'
Bella: "MOMMY! you know thats how the story goes"
Mommy: "Ok.. sorry just checking.."
Bella: "So the three little pigs had 3 houses"
Mommy: " wait a minute where are the 3 bears"
Bella: " what bears?" ::SIGHHH::
Mommy: "YOu said there were three bears"
Bella: "NUGH UGHHH they were pigs mommy DONT you knowd this story!!"
Mommy: " ok.. I was just wondering if the bears were visiting the pigs I need to get the full story here"
Bella: "YOUR NOT paying attention!!"
Mommy: "Ok sorry"
Bella: "SO ANYWAY the big bad wolf came ::very expressive face:: "and he pupped and hupped and blowed da house away"
Mommy: "why did he do that?"
Bella: "Cause he is da big bad wolf mommy, THAT is HIS JOB!!!" ::eyeroll::
Mommy: "So what is the three bears job?"
Bella: ::dropping her head down on the bead in disgust:: "What Beyars?"
Mommy: "The bears at the beginning of this story"
Bella: "YOU and DADDY said there were no beyars in nobil Adabama so I don't have to worry about beyars"
Mommy: "Thats right, you don't"
Bella: ::looks at me with total disgust:: "Im gonna go talk to daddy" ::runs off:

I think it is important to have these little conversations with Bella.. Keeps me giggling anyway.


jan williams said...

OMG That is so funny!!! I use to Love these conversations with my girls!!!!

DebW said...

Glad you were feeling up to scrapping!
Thanks for the sweet Bella story.
"Once a pony time" just melted my heart!

Lynn said...

omg. that's priceless. can't wait til she's a teenager - then try to get info from her. lol!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

I just LOVE those conversations. Those are so precious!!!!

Praying that your friend does well. Let her know that we are all thinking about her!

Lisa said...

Aren't little girls fun! lol I saw that you were the Queen of Crap, what an honor your highness. Your layouts over there are awesome, but they would have to adorable considering the subject!

Patti Smith said...

that Bella is just a doll....Lord don't they make you smile...I will be praying for your friend Nancy..I'm thinking of her and wishing her the best...and you too!!! (((HUGS))))) patti

Crafty Connie said...

Just LOVE that story of the three bears and pigs! Too funny!

Melissa said...

oh my, what a cute story!

Saying a prayer for your friend!!!