Monday, December 10, 2007

Sights Of Christmas past...

Here is my All about ME page for December for Scrap-diner. I chose to go with the theme.. MEETING SANTA. when the first time was you REALLY remember Santa. I know I saw him before this but this was my first REAL remembrance of him. The photo is kinda blurry but I had to scrap it. I was so impressed HE KNEW MY NAME. COME join the fun with the ALL ABOUT ME scrapping at scrap-diner.
This month at Treasures we were given kits from Scrapworks to use. IT was the perfect paper to show off some Of Bellas FAVORITE ornaments from last year on her AUNT Karen and UNCLE WIndale's Tree. I always get so nervous because Karen has all those BEAUTIFUL Hallmark ornaments. You know the ones that move and sing and are soo gorgeous. BElla is just mesmerized by them. SHe spends so much time looking at each and every one of them and I just sit there staring so scared she is going to break something. Karen is so sweet with her though and shows her each one and what they do. I hate we aren't going to get to go up this year maybe afterwards we will see but with shingles its scary and no immune system. I really love that she gets to spend that special time with her aunt and uncle sine she doesnt get to see them that much. SHe always talks about it and remembered it this year again how Aunt Karen has the "pretty ornaments" at her house.
This is Taz. Doesn't he looks so sweet. DONT LET THAT sweet face fool you. hahha he is a menace in disguise. Im just kidding Taz is my nephew dog of my brother and Karen. HE is a mischievious sweetie. WHo thinks he is 10 feet tall. I caught this adorable photo of him tuckered out after all the christmas excitement and present opening. He was sacked out beside a christmas bag and was actually sharing my sentiment. I NEED A NAP MAN!
You can see these and more of the Scrapwork paper designs this month where they are the featured sponsor at Treasures to scrap.

SO what pages of Christmas past have you done this year? Are you caught up? Have you sent out your Christmas cards yet? If so then PPPFFFTTTTTTTTTTT! :P~~ can you say I HAVENT STARTED YET! I have a few cards done a couple gifts thats it. This last bout with shingles just about did me in. SO I keep saying I want to post pone Christmas till January... no one will listen though hahaa. OH well. IT will get done as it always does. We are just settling this year for a more quiet meaningful Christmas. Not alot of rush and excitement. DR's orders ;( I can't wait to watch Bella though. SHe really is excited this year and watching her little face light up with all the decorations and the whimsy is more than I could ever hope for.

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Great pages girl!!
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