Tuesday, December 04, 2007

another update

just letitng yall know it looks ALOT better. I can actually open my eye now. I can focus a little better, still burns and itches something awful but still hurts burns mostly, and light is hurtin but its alot better. I turned my phone power off because i needed to sleep, no offense. I know yall are just worried but the med is making me very tired, I promise to check the messages and thank you all so much for the prayers love and concern. I will get john or when IM awake put an update up here so that should help some huh?
Still sore and so tired but this medication seems to be doing the trick they are drying up so much faster. I really think we were on the wrong med or I was immune to it. well i been taking it almost 2 years and still getting it so DUHHH. tells you we should change it huh! Lupus factors in to all of it and this other guy said that this has better response from lupus patients as well as cancer patients. SO that is good to know. we turned the colors down on the computer and the light so it doenst hurt as much and i can look at it a bit longer. but.. IM so tired. i last about 20 minutes till I have to lay back down.
Thank you all sooooo very much for your prayers. we so greatly appreciate it. Don't know what I would do with out yall.


Lynn said...

i'm so glad its working chickie and you're feelin better. you continue to rest and take care. umm...fyi...you are completely OFF of hello-you don't even show as a pal.

The Untamed Scrapper said...

Nancy, I've been thinking so much about you lately. So sorry you're dealing with this again. Keeping you lifted up in prayer sugar...

Hugs for the holiday and more,

P.S. Bella is GORGEOUS! Such a big girl ... geesh they grow so fast!

Angela said...

I am praying for you and your family! I know your faith is strong and that God has his reasons. Your faith and outlook on life gives me strength! You are an amazing woman! I am fortunate to know you!

Cheryl Wray said...

Well, I don't check your blog for sevreal days and look at what I miss! I hate to hear you how you've been feeling and hope that you are on the mend. My Mom has chronic shingles and there are some times when it just takes her out for days!! So I know a little bit about what you're going through.

Hope you're up and around again like "normal" real soon. :-) hugs