Tuesday, November 06, 2007

so sneaky... I LIKE IT!!!!!

SO have you seen this book? Deceptively delicious by Jessica Seinfeld?
It seems like a very cool idea. I mean for how many years have mothers been sneakin stuff in food that is "good for us" or the asprin in the cocoa? when you spit the first one out and she knew you would. But this is actually a pretty groovy idea. I know I turn my nose up at MOST things that look weird and mostly to me It is a texture thing. But Im wondering if in small doses and added to other foods if It would be ok?
Who has tried any of these recipes? any of them good? I just don't know. I guess like anything you get used to it. I know I need to be eating more veggies and just in general EATING better. esp with cold and flu season I try to purposfully eat more veggies and fruits.
So what are your ideas on this? You got any good things you sneak in to your food (and I DONT MEAN BOOZE PEOPLE!) In quiring minds wanna know.


Little Old Liz said...

Recipes were posted to Oprah's site after the lady was on last wee (or two?) My GF said the Brownies made with Spinach were pretty good, but not chocolatey enough. You could throw on additional if so motivated. ;-)

Julie said...

My DD wants this cookbook for Christmas!! Where do you find it?