Sunday, November 04, 2007

OH good grief!

WELP.. TODAY IS THE DAY. TODAY BElla bug will Draw names for all the lovely prizes. we are going to draw around 6 pm tonight (if IM conscious) OR as soon after as I can. so Check back.
The dr gave me another medication (yeah just add it to the list of ones Im taking I swear its like a small meal) and THeY NEED TO put a label on the side. WILL INDUCE COMA. I am not kidding you. I get nauseaus and feeling kinda ick having a sinker is what I call it. I go to lay down and wake up and its like THE NEXT DAY. SERIOUS. 4 am the next day. I have done this 4 times now THIS WEEK! ITS making me crazy (er.. crazier) SO I tell my nurse friend at the dr about it. she tells him and HE LAUGHS says YUP.. she will get used to it. USED TO IT???? USEEEEEEDDDDDDDDD TO IT??? DID I MENTION I MISSED SURVIVOR this week and HALF of GREYS??? OH and alot of my childs waking moments YEAH that too!! "She said he smiled and said SHE musta needed it."
BUT BUT BUT.. I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THISSSSSSSssssssssssssssssss. SOOOO UNFAIR. I SOOO need to bargain with the lord on this 24 hour day thing IT just isn't cuttin' it. SO ANYWAY... IF IM AWAKE TONIGHT at 6 pm central standard (daylight savings) time. WE WILL draw names. IF NOT then when I wake up from the anti convulsant drug induced coma they put me in daily... We or I will draw. IN EITHER CASE I WILL put it on my blog tomorrow. NOW I off to go solve more issues in the world. LIke...WHY my kid screams at the thought of NEO SPORIN on her finger ????? WTHECK? it has ANTI-PAIN med in it HELLOOOOO we dont want to amputate your digits due to staph now do we!! A moms work is never done..SPEAKING OF HER CUTE LITTLE DIGITS...

Here is something for you to look at while you wait. ANother 4 am creation. My family LAUGHED at me for taking this photo of MY daughters hand in her Nana's hand. BUT I THOUGHT it was so sweet. AND that some day she would cherish this photo. I heard that new song by Tracy Byrd (put your hand in mine) and after I got through BAWLING MY EYES OUT. REMEMBERED OMG I HAVE that 5 x 7 photo I printed out!!! whehehw SCORE! NOT SO CRAZY TO TAKE THIS PHOTO NOW am I?? HUH HUH?? ADDDDDDDDDDMIiiTTTTTTTTT IT! yeah yeah I know they will still snicker and point but that is ok. LOOK for it in a magazine near you soon. I can only leave it up for a sneak peak today. I have to take it down tomorrow (shhhh dont tell on me. but I wanted you to see it)I will take it back down tomorrow I PROMISE. It looks much better in person the light this morning made the charcoal gray color look purply but it really is kinda grey/black charcoaly color so just imagine it that way. OK. IM out of here to go neo sporin my kid down. (total mishap with a "tu'ttle no gwobe" (turtle snow globe) THE ROUND PART IS NOT INTENDED TO COME OFF! ::Sigh::


Korie B. said...

Love, love, love it! So much I fully plan to scrapjack the idea!

BTW, pick me! Pick me!

Cheryl Wray said...

I just LOVE that layout. The pic on it is gorgeous!!!!!

Wah...sad I wasn't picked. :-)