Sunday, November 11, 2007

He was a good bat..... all the way to the end.

BElla loved "Batty the Pumpkin" we had so much fun making him and having him sit out side our door watching over the porch, greeting the mailman, ups and fed ex dudes always gave him a smile.

But his life had to go for the greater good. He started to get a little soft spot on him. I told Bella batty was getting old and it was time for him to move on. she said oh sadly then a wicked "LETS EAT HIM!!!"
wondering If I should be worried.

So daddy looks up a recipe online. They follow the instructions and as Bella said. "RIPPED OUT THE SLIMES"
Nothing is as pretty as slimey gooey pumpkin guts. SOrry Batty I hope it wasnt pain full.
Our house still smells of its warm sweet cinnamon goodness.
Our house still smells of its warm sweet cinnamon goodness. Thank you Batty for YOUR contribution to our Family. We will never forget you.

Rest In peace Batty.
October 2007- November 2007


Wendy said...

awww so sad about batty but that looks really good what they came up with

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Jacinda said... the wings by the loaf tin. Good to know Bella wasn't all cut up about eating him ;)