Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Schoooool daysssssss......

Bella is learning so much in school. She loves her teacher and loves going to school. SHe doesn't like when we make her go over and over what she learned that day. Ussually daddy has to sit down with her (so she won't be monkeying around) and help her (make her) do her letters and sounds she did that day. We got a note home from her teacher saying we needed to work with her on writing her letters. That she was confused on holding her pencil (???) and was holding it with both hands. SO ughmm YEAH MONKEYING!
SHe has known how to write her name for a longggg time now and held a pencil like a pencil since she was 2. I kept quizzing her on why she was holding it with 2 hands.. Was it heavy? Was it too big? Did it hurt? Was it stuck to the paper? of course she grinned at my questions. Finally she loosened up and told me that the little boy that sits behind her holds HIS PENCIL with 2 hands.... AHHHHH so nowww I SEE.. yup... MONKEYING. So after having to redo all her work after she gets home everyday for a bit maybe we will get the idea. PEER PRESSURE and such a young age!!

I made a little thrown together mini album for my mom for her Birthday coming up. NOW I HAVE TO GET IT IN THE MAIL and to her. You can also see it here in Basic Greys Gallery. I used some Basic Grey BLush I had in my stash (tryin to use up some of this) and used these sweet little pictures I had collected of them. I hope she likes how it turned out.


It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

Looks fab gal... I know your mom will love it!!!!!
Great job on all your hard work and congrats on all your success with your PUBS... YOU so work hard and DESERVE every bit of it!!!!
No Matter WHAT others might say!!! YOU RAWK gal!!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Such cute pics of Bella being a big girl and doing her school work!
The mini album is GORGEOUS. Your Mom will love it!

Angela said...

And the peer pressure only gets worse! LOL! Great photos! Your mom will love the gift. Your work is always wonderful!

TanishaRenee said...

Saw this is the gallery at Scrap-Diner - truly awesome!!!!!! Your Bella is a cutie pie, too!