Sunday, August 05, 2007


THE DIGI STORE AT TREASURES TO SCRAP IS OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!! WHEHEWWW! IT IS SOOO EXCITING! THere has been ALOT of work, sweat, tears and yes my friends I think even a slight amount of blood shed but IT IS OPEN! HURRRAYYY! GO CHECK IT OUT and be sure and tell TRACY, WENDI, and CHRIS and all the DIGI DESIGNERS HOW ROCKIN' IT LOOKS! We are so excited and also. WE HAVE A HUGE CONTEST THIS MONTH. BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT YOU CAN use some of thsoe fabulous digi kits in the contest!

NOW you paper people do not fear. THE CONTEST goes for you guys too! YOU get to pick from the amazing paper kits in the paper store to enter the contest with. SO many new and rockin ones in there so go check it out!


Brook said...

sounds like there are a lot of wonderful things going on!

MsGrace said...

sounds cool!!