Saturday, July 28, 2007


She had so much fun shopping for her backpack, her lunch box and napmat for pre-K.

She thinks she is so big now. (notice the backpack is bigger than she is)I had tears in my eyes taking these photos.Hard to believe this tiny baby is big enough for school.
ONe day we are counting down the days till she goes the next Im crying thinking my baby is growing up. IT goes WAY to fast. SLOW DOWN BABY your not little but once and I wanna savour it as long as I can.


It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

awwww she looks so grown up!!!! and definately knew what she needed too!!!
You will end up loving it gal!!!

dawn said...

OMG hun ... I remember going through it all with Carly - so sad they are school age, but so happy all at once too - she's looking cuter by the day

Adriann said...

Where does the time go! Congratulations Bella on your new journey!

Enjoy your week!!!

Angela said...

She is adorable. You will love, love, love those pictures. I still go back and look at the little book that I made for Tyler.

Jo said...

lovin' that backpack!

They do grow up sooo fast! My baby is going to be 4 in a few weeks and my oldest will be 17 :insert shocked faced here:

Jackie said...

Nancy, She's adorable! don't cry.. it will be okay. btw, this blog rocks!
Jackie (digi-gee)

Wolf said...

awwwww, hugs girl...I know it's hard but look at how cute she is!! It's bittersweet, I know.

Joanne Bain said...

Hi Ya Nancy
They grow up way to fast don't they. It is Brandans 3rd birthday on friday already.
Bella looks so cute. So did she settle for the Dora backpack or did she have to try every different type like my
By the way loving your stuff in the previous post. Just stunning!
Best Wishes

Chelsea said...

Aww Nancy! I know how you feel! Cara turns 5 this month and starts Kindergarten 3 days later! It's killing me...that's my baby! Give Bella a big hug for me!

noelmignon said...

She's so cute!! She's going to love school and just think of all the fun activites she is going to start getting into. That's what is exciting for me, the soccer games, school programs, report cards.'s going to be ok!

Scrappytbear said...

Too Too cute! LOVE her little backpack, she's growing up right in front of us!

jan williams said...

I can't believe she is starting school... OMG hey don't look at it like there goes my baby, look at it like now I have time to really scrap... while shes in school... Hey she still has about 14 more years with ya!!!!