Wednesday, July 04, 2007


HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!! I hope your Holiday is Great and you remember the reason for it as well :)
WE are just hanging out doing the same thing. I am getting LOTS of rest and getting caught up scrapping. SOMe cleaning done that needed to be done. I hope to get Bella's closet organized and her room cleaned good as well ass the carpets cleaned today. Don't really see all that happning but it was fun to think about

IM beginning to wonder if My child is coming home... .Our family back home is at the family reunion today. I hope the weather holds out for them. I wasn't able to go yet. Riding 3 hours one way with shingles... NOT FUN! Also John had to work yesterday and Tomorrow. WE had bad storms yesterday that took the roof off the Wal mart here near us. Well a section of roof. They called it some kind of micro burst or soemthing... They picked every Redneck in Mobile I think to put on The Weather Channel and on Cnn. BUT WE ARE ALL OK so don't worry lol. My phone rang off the hook yesterday with family worrying and friends back home. IT was like 6 or so miles from here not the one we ussually go to that is right by us. I DO Pray everyone was ok. They said there were not but a few serious injuries. I pray they are all ok...

I DO THINK Bella is having fun. DOnt you think so? Does she look the LEAST bit homesick in ANY OF THESE PHOTOS???? I didn't see it. hahahaha I have tried not to call her alot so she doesn't give them a hard time but when we do she is preoccupied and busy having fun so IM GLAD she isn't sad. PRETTY EVIDENT in those pictures HOW SAD she is huh? I think John and I Miss her LOTS MORE than she does us. John comes by me every now and then and says mamamamamama mammamamamamaa mommy, mom HEY MAAAAAMAAA!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH LET ME IN! Mama get me so and so Mama I want to play with EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! This way I don't miss the NOISE huh?
JUST so I don't get quite as missin her sick hahaha! I know she is having a GREAT time at AUnt Liz's playing with the big boys. SHe loves the trampoline and swimming in the pool so we are letting her have fun as long as possible. IM HOPING by next week I can get out some and drive again. This weekend IM gonna TRY and venture out. BUT IF YOU HAVE ever driven IN Mobile... YOu will understand the importanct of making sure you can see well. I think we have the worse drivers here. BUt we are also a HUGE tourist town during the summer with being close to the beach and on the main road to the on the way to florida. SO I want to make sure I CAN SEE and am NOT DIZZY. HA!
We hopefully can be part of the world again. IM getting better and stronger every day so I HOPE soon I will finally shake this shingle crapp. Our VBS starts not this coming week but the next week. SO I Know she is looking forward to that.

Be sure and stop by Treasures and CHECK out the NEWSLETTER. WE have a great sponsor this month and ALOT OF fun coming up. SO be sure and say hello and JOIN IN THE JULY CONTEST! HOpe you have a Happy 4th of July and be sure to Thank our military guys and gals and THANK THEM for what they do TO KEEP US SAFE!


Scrappytbear said...

Aw she's so so cute! I love the photos on the trampoline!

k-joi studios said...

it looks like she is having a blast!

Teresa Loop said...

Awww! What a little cutie patootie!! Thanks for linking us from Scrapjazz.

Adriann said...

Try to enjoy the time alone with Hubby. My little guy is gone for the week and I'm enjoying the peace an quiet... Hope you get to feeling better and can get out and about soon.