Sunday, February 04, 2007

love those relaxing sundays...

LOVED the half time super bowl show. Even in the rain, Prince rocks! Jeanne and I decided purple rain was the perfect song for him to sing and YUP he sang it lol. I can remember seeing him in Jackson and my friend Melinda and Vickie on the 2nd row. We had so much fun. Then we went to the dock afterwards (yeah mama we went to the dock pick up your jaw) and he came there!!! He sang and danced and we had our picture made on his limo (like we were some kinda super stars I coudln't get over how short he was. Im talkin wizard of oz "WE ARE THE LOLLIPOP kids" short. AND HE HAD on these HIGH HEEL BOOTS liek 2 inch heels and he was STILL SHORT. SHORTER THAN ME!!!!!! BUT he knows he can sing and dance and play that dang piano mannn! HE had some BIG OL bison head fellers walkin round with him. He looked like a kid up against them. They made the wwf wresters look tiny. these guys arms were bigger than my waist (at that time now it would be a friggin miracle if anything was as big as my waist) ANyway that was rockin cool. AHHH to be that young and SKINNY again. I need to find those pictures. That woudl make a cool page. I still have my No fraidy cats welcome THE DOCK t shirt somewhere around here. Hate they closed that place. man we used to have fun there in the summer on the boats.

Got my hair cut this week. It is falling out and looked awful. ITs all diffent lengths and wont do nothing. So she cut it REALLY short so you cant notice the fallin out part as much. so I have like the REALLY short doo. NOT as short as Cathy Z but about an inch longer. It looks so much better though.But has the someone scared the crapp out of me look to it where it stands up everywhere. and when I wake up it looks that same as whenI go to bed haha!NOT alot I can do to it.

had a quiet day at the Jones residence today. Had major headache and still all pukified (is that a word?) but it lets up just in time to start over again huh. Be glad when this is over and I can get this all straightened out. ahh its not too bad it could be worse i guess. SO many are alot worse.

Finished up my page on the JONES' CHALLENGE. Yall are gonna love this new challenge we/I am doing. Its hot. DId some rockin cool techniques on this page.

I guess everyone is back from CHA and all tired out. Not alot happning here. bella is crashed out snoring. IM about to go see if I can challenge her to a sleep off.
Bet Id win. when she is ready to get up she jumps on my bed singing happy buffday tooo ewweeee. SHe is too much. Love every second of her.
Mardi gras is in full swing down here. we have parades goin on everywhere. I hope to at least get to go to one before they are over to get some cool photos.
and YOU MUST have some king cake if you never had any YUMMMMMMMY (the lemon filled is my ultimate fav)
TIll tomorrow... ta ta

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