Saturday, February 03, 2007

Feb 3rd something cool and a hissy fit.

Jeanne showed me this girls blog.
SHE IS FLIPPIN AMAZING and has the COOLEST daily free digi kits. Go look at her work. SHE IS a phenomenal artist.

Not much going on here today. SCRAPPIN. Had a sinker last night and got sick sick sick. SO, you know if you have been throwing up and stuff, how your sore and all the next day... yeah. not fun. I thought this med was working so good. Tami and I were just talking about it. How much better I am doing with the nausea. I did eat pizza yesterday though and I havn't had anything rich like that so that could be it. But anyway nuff bout that.

Something has really been bothering me the last few days and I have to vent guys. SO bear with me. I really really want your feed back on this. I want to know if you agree or disagree or if you don't give a rip. Especially the scrapbookers that read my blog that like me freelance and do this on more than just a personal basis.
So read my rant and let me know your view on this please. Is it not a big deal would you not care or would you be upset as well?

I have a question for you guys that has been bothering me. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL.. if someone took something off your blog or say one of your galleries. Then put it in a very viewable place without you knowing about it? say, You didn't say they could post your work there? I read a blog yesterday about a girl that a LSS (in a different state) copied her photos and printed them (YEAH I said the same thing my Jaw dropped) it was her wedding photos at that! WHEN she called the LSS and confronted them (it was in another state but a fellow PEA from the veggie board, Recognized her photo and said something about it to her) THe people at the lss were very ugly and said they could do that because once it is published in a magazine or in a viewable magazine or any other media, They could do what they wished with it!!!!!! (not exact quote but something to that effect) I COUDLNT BELIEVE THAT! THERE are copyrite laws for photographs people! [I didnt know this but someone I used to work for did know this and told me about it. SHe is a very good photographer so I know that to be true.] Photographs once you take them ARE YOURS. PERIOD. That is why YOU CANNOT TAKE professional photos and print them at say wal mart or wal greens without the person who took the photos permission. (and besides that it is just TACKY!) Any way I felt really bad for the girl. I know I have had a recent run in with someone posting my work (yeah my page and altered items) without permission and the original person that ONE of those items, I had copied WITH THE Persons knowledge that I copied it FOR PERSONAL USE AND AS A GIFT FOR SOMEONE IN MY FAMILY That wouldn't be posting it in a public forum.(that is important people IF YOU SCRAPLIFT SOMETHING PLEASE GIVE THE ORIGINAL PERSON CREDIT FOR THE DESIGN!!!!! THAT IS JUST TACKY AND WRONG AND MAKES YOU END UP LOOKING STUPID) That person saw it and of course recognized it and called me on it (which I dont blame her I WOULD HAVE MADE HEADS ROLL MAN.She was very very nice don't get me wrong) But what if wer had not been friends already. What if it had been just a page I saw somewhere or a design or altered item I saw somewhere and said HEY that is cool... AGAIN, Thank GOD she knows me and knows I would never do that to her ... but also HOW STUPID would I be to put something I copied I mean down to the flowers THE ONLY THING DIFFERENT were the photos!!!!!! Then post it somewhere that I KNOW SHE WILL SEE IT. She knew I wouldnt do something like that and suspected that someone had done this without my knowledge.
SHE WAS RIGHT. IT is very hurtful and yes IM FURIOUS.

Then I go to a website and see people not just one. Posting pages that have different photos but the design is exactly like mine. NOTHING extra added nothing in different places or anything. IT IS OBVIOUS if you saw my work that it was exactly like some of my pages. I looked in the part where you post the products and give CREDIT IF YOU SCRAPLIFTED.... NOTHING. Not a word not even a listing of the products used.

SO I know how my friend felt. BUt the person that copied my work (not just one it seems to be a pattern on that board I dont think but 2 people there have original work the rest are copies) They are NOT friends of mine. SO I know they didn't just say OH i like this page I think I will copy it. which maybe they did have that thought BUT THEY POSTED IT IN A PUBLIC FORUM. MAKING IT LOOK AS IF IT IS THEIR WORK and DESIGNS. SO as a word of warning to others. THINK BEFORE YOU POST THINGS that either YOU DONT HAVE PRIOR PERMISSION. or 2. YOU COPIED SOMEONES DESIGNS. Scraplifting happens and I feel it is a compliment..ussually.I DONT CARE that people copy my pages I think it is awesome and a compliment. SO don't get me wrong on that. BUT POSTING THEM IN FORUMS AND IN STORES AND SAYING IT IS YOUR ORIGINAL IDEA.... I DONT THINK SO. WHEN IT iS FOR PERSONAL USE FINE (am I clear on this lol).. But dont go posting it on boards and in stores and places on their WALLS when you copied someone elses designs WITHOUT GIVING THEM CREDIT FOR IT. That is lying about your work and KARMA WILL GET YOU FOR IT.

OK Im off my soap box. This isnt happening to just me but many of my friends in the industry and IM SURE to alot of you reading this post. Anyone that is my friend knows I don't care that you copy my work I AM FLATTERED. That is a HUGE compliment to me. But give me credit for the design. I dont use sketches I sit and come up with this in my own little brain. I may get inspiration from others BUT I GIVE THEM CREDIT AND TELL THEM that THEY SOOO INSPIRE ME and THAT I MADE this and such WITH THEIR inspiration. Ussually mine looks nothing like theirs when Im done rofl.

OK Im really getting off my box now. SO reply here and TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. What are your views on this? AM I being ridiculous? should I not be upset? What would you do? How woudl you handle this? has this happend to you? what did you do? I really want to know. Thanks


*Jeanne* said...

Dear Nancy I hate that people are doing this to you. Hopefully this site Will help. Next time when someone tries to copy you work from your blog you will know who, when , where, hate to say not why... cuz' the answer to that is they are too darn stupid to come up with their own ideas... To those people who copy my dear friends work... thanks it is a compliment to her but maybe you can find a clue down isle 9 at Walmart....

You will be caught when Nancy get this subscription to this this amazing site... oh yea.. I guess I better do it too...

cheryl mezzetti said...

i never heard of this site before Jeanne...thank you. Now to figure out how it works....yep not a techie here..:(
Nancy i know your heart and know it is pure.
Huge hugs to you

Tammy said...

I am concerned about this from an industry perspective. In church work, people used to copy songs all of the time. It was WRONG. Now, we have to pay license fees to use any of the music we use in worship. School systems also has to go through this for character usuage. You can't just make a picture of good old Winnie the Pooh and put him on your bulletin board. It is WRONG and you are violating copy right laws. If you are in FL or another state where Mickey lives you will be delt with heavily if you use a Disney character that you created yourself. You are breaking the law!

So, with scraplifting being such a popular way to come up with ideas, I think it is in the best interest of the industry to set policy standards. It seems to me that it is clear that scraplifting is accepted only if proper and due credit is given to the orginator of the idea. Give 'em props ladies!

Now, what about the other issue? What if you did come up with something, it was orginal to you and then you discovered that someone else came up with something similar? It happens all the time in the invention industry. Just say so! This idea was oringinal to me but I did run across others who have done something similar.

Becky said...

you know I just recently ran into an issue where I created a layout and someone posted that it looked very familiar to them. I was shocked because I try not to scraplift anyone and if I do I make sure that credit was given. Well I checked out her gallery and she had something "similar" but not just like mine. I had never seen her work before.

I think it is a huge issue (copy pictures and all) in this industry but I have no clue how to protect myself ya know. Will check out the site just given :)

Jaci said...

I don't think I have a problem with scraplifting as long the lifter credits the liftee with the design KWIM? I think it's very rude to pass it off as your own (not to mention really bad Karma!)

I'm sorry this is happening to you Nancy! What goes around comes around and one day (I feel sure) it will come back around their way.

Hugs my friend!