Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy Thursday... Daisy and Waldo... Rodeo?

I don't think this is EXACTLY what Creative Imaginations had in mind when they decided to come out with a RODEO line of paper and embelishments. BUT, who could resist how PERFECT this was for these photos.I am sure you all have pages that JUST HAVE to be done. WEll, This would be one of those pages. This past Christmas while at my husband's sister's house (HI LIZ!) we noticed Daisy Riding Waldo like a horse. THey all say OH YEAH she does that all the time. The ferrett was LITERALLY sitting on the Dogs back riding him around the house. Waldo (the dog) was not Exactly thrilled to be the victim err I mean Horse nahh I mean, WEll He just doesn't care to much to be her personal Limosine service.
Daisy being the little DIVA that she is.. cannot understand the harm in him Totin' her around all day. SO anyway.. This was just a fun page I did for laughs and for my Sister in laws Scrapbook album. I am sure we will all look back on this for years to come and get a good chuckle from Daisy and Waldo.


Di Hickman said...

hahahaha too funny!!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

That is just PRICELESS!!!! Love it!!!!

NancyJones said...


Zee said...

Anyone who has a ferret has got to be good people! hehehe. I love seeing ferret pages! :)

P.S. hanks for your comment on my blog and WOW! I can't believe that happened....that's a whole new side to this, geesh!

Scrappytbear said...

LOL That's just too cute!

the paper suits so well!!