Monday, February 05, 2007

the girl is on a roll

a little page I whipped up with the BLUSH BASIC GREY LINE I got for christmas. (THANKS MA) LOVE LOVE THIS PAPER. The colors are so rich. I took the 2 question marks in teh hardware kit and made my heart. glued them together and painted them.

the scan made the photo look green tinted... or maybe it is just me.. I feel green so maybe i see green.

SOME GOOD NEWS THOUGH.. Yall remember my freind Cathy... Pages for Cathy, CATHY.. well I talked to Sally and she told me when she went to her dr this last time THE dr asked her if she USED SOMEONE ELSES BLOOD!!!! HER TEST RESULTS WERE SO GOOD THEY DIDNT THINK THEY WERE HERS! Talk about a blessing. God is so good! Thank you all for continued prayers for her and her family.

Not too much going on today supposed to go to a little party with Bella, But I dont think IM gonna get to go. Too risky since so many kids will be there and you know where there are kids there are germs. Im hesitant to send Bella but I KNOW she is going crazy bored here with us and wants to have some fun. SO we are still tossing the idea around. I dunno we will see.
Watching qvc and hsn the scrapbooking shows today. getting some cool inspirations.
WOnt dare buy anything most of that stuff I have already or it is not priced good for what I need or you get 10,000 and I only need 900 (hahaha) Hope you have fun watching today as well.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning layout I love it !!

Vicky said...

Great idea to put the question marks together to make a creative cat!!!!

Isabella Da Cás said...
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iralamija said...

LOVE this LO!!!