Thursday, February 15, 2007

catchin on up!

I have alot of catching up to do on my blog! MAN, it has been busy the last few days. Had double dr. appts on valentines day. Don't really know anything just keep doing what Im doing, so that was fun huh...

I won a rak from Jana! I frequent her blog. SHe is sooooooooo rockin talented and the sweetest thing EVAH! SHe sent me all of the stuff you see in the photo below!!! I was about to fall out opening the box! There is a little mini album, a t shirt, the FLOWERS omgoodness the flowers, and and the express ons (rub ons) if you have never used them omgoodness they go on like butter! I got a bracelet too, you can see in the photo. but, Bella took off with that! (I know your surprised haha) "DADDY LOOK WHAT I GOT!" ROFL. she was so cute! I am sure Jana won't mind if I share!

I have been in Rak heaven here the last few weeks I got one from CHERYL that I still need to make my page with.. sorry Cheryl I will post it soon as I can get well and get it done! I haven't even made John and Bella a card or ANYTHING for Valentines day! I know so unlike me. BUt that is how horrible I have been feeling. Hasn't been fun! BUT IT IS GETTING BETTER!

Then I found out I won a rak on CAROLE'S blog! Im smiling soooo big right now! YALL MUST go check out these amazing ladies work. THey are top notch in the industry people and have all taught me so much! TRUE ladies they all are!

My rak from Jana HOW COOL IS THIS!!!!! She really made me smile big!

THis is what John got me for Valentines day. HE IS A ROCKIN HUBBY I MUST TELL YOU! HE knew JUST what to get. Love you sweetie and thanks.

John's Aunt Stephy and Uncle Evans were down in Mobile on business and came by to have suppr with us. I felt like sick, and I know I looked horrible but I really wanted to see them and well, it really did do me good and cheered me up some. THey are always so much fun and so sweet to us. Bella just fell in love with them. THis is the first time she has ever met them. We email them photos all the time and she reads my blog to see what is going on and stuff but nothing like getting a real hug!! Bella coudln't keep her hands off her and was complimenting her fingernails and jewelry. I made aunt steph count all her rings and stuff before she left to make sure the little booger didnt keep any souvenirs from their visit haha. SHe did convince Aunt Stephy to paint her fingernails though. (it didnt take much convincing!at all I am not sure which one had more fun) I had to get some photos for a scrapbook page. We dont get to see them often but they are soooo loved by us and us them! SO I have to add them to Bella's book!

MY 2 valentines!!! THERE is my entire heart in one photo!! I love these two so much!

I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day and TONIGHT IS AN AWESOME TV NIGHT! SURVIVOR/GREYS ANATOMY/ ER there is my line up! SO I am totally gonna be veggin out tonight in front of the tube. I have to watch it in the back because it is too graphic for Bella. John could care less so we got her the curious George movie to watch tonight. SO they will be entertained. SO what do you think is gonna happen on greys? I keep hearing rumor DENNY is coming back! I cannot wait to see how they do this. OK gotta go clean up the chicken and dumplings I made. Uncle Evans is a great cook and he gave me some tips on how to do my chicken and dumplings. MIne keep dissolving so I tried his method and so far so good. I hear no complaints! I felt pretty good this afternoon and ever since we talked the other night about making chicken and dumplings Bella has been on a chicken and dumpling mode. she keeps sayign but pleeeeaaseee. SO I felt some better today so I broke down and made them. They turned out OK but I think it was more I just wasnt feeling 100% than the recipe Know what I mean. OK REALLY gotta go now Bella is quiet and that equals a mess.
Hug the kiddos!


cheryl mezzetti said...

WOw check out the goodies! You are soooo right Jana is amazing - love her!

Jocelyn said...

Nice RAK! Hehehehehe!!! :)

Scrapbook WithVanilla said...

Cool RAK Nancy!!!
Love it all!!
I just bought myself those foams stamps you got for Valentines! LOL
No DH :)

Susie said...

Lots of great goodies! Great photo of john and Bella too! expect a great layout of that one!

Elisa K said...

Nice RAKs!!! Love that photo of Bella and your hubby.... Your hubby rocked the V-day gifts... Glad your feeling a bit better. Keep getting well... Thinking of ya. hugs to you.

Anam said...

hello girlie - found you at last. love you - drop me an email soon ok?

Joanne Bain said...

Hi Ya Nancy
Hope you have fun with all those goodies.
Best Wishes

Vicky said...

Hey there, and congrats on winning the Rak. My favorite thing you wrote in your blog for Feb 15th was with the pic of Bella and you husband and how your entire heart was in one pic.