Thursday, December 14, 2006

NOPE IM not dead yet.

Im sure you all are very glad to hear that :) Thought I was a goner there briefly but well nope Im like a stubborn weed that you just can't kill. The burr under your saddle that you can't seem to find. ahhhh ITS good to be alive. I have actually had some exciting news today.

One.. I got asked to be on the design team for IMAGINE CREATE SCRAP and I am so excited! TWO I got my pre issue of the latest stampin, stationery and scrapbooking magazine and I have a page and a half spread in it. I knew I had several projects but I had no clue a whole page. That rocks esp since it was my moms birthday present that they put on the entire page. I also have another half pager with a older project I did with a coin folder and then my FAVORITE layout of Bella bug with winnies walls. IM so excited! Told my hubby I am gonna make him famous one way or another. Now his purty face is in print. Bella on the other hand thinks her picture should be in EVERY magazine. I see alot of people I know in there as well. A fellow Mobile resident Holly McLellan (way to go Holly) she is in there all the time, she rocks with the scrappin skillz. Another alabama friend of mine LaTonya Boike who is also on Imagine create Scrap DT. (you go girl) and KARI ROACH my dear friend we are on SCRAP THAT MOMENT design team together. Kari has the CUTEST page in there about her son and his sled. I was grinning when I saw it IM so happy we are in there together girl! There are plenty others as well, if I listed them all well, Id be here all night. SO don't mean to hurt feelin's.

My mom is here for a few days to help out with Bella. John has to go back to work and well I still am runnin fever and taking this stupid medicine that makes me wobbly OK more than wobbly so I was scared to be here by myself better yet chase Bella.I hate taking all this stuff but if the cure don't kill ya huh! It is amazing this hand full of crapp I have to take 3 times a day knows where to go and what to do. BUT anyway I got mom to come chase her I mean watch her. Yall know from recent posts Johns company got bought out by another company and they are revamping everything so he is taking a test right now. He seemed kinda nervous I dunno why. He is really smart and the NUMBER ONE SALES REP IN THE SOUTH continuously (wheheeweeww thank you god for commissions) so I will toot his horn a little Im so proud of him. MY sweet hubby went by Its Not just scrap (a local scrap book store in a neighboring town) today and got some scrapbook paper I needed. It is beautiful. It is by the BE BLESSED line. If you havent seen this paper. Check out in my previous post the page where bella is playing with the mickey mouse ice skater thing on the shelf. (blacka nd white with a hint of color photo) and it has all the stuff I outlined with the sakura stardust pen (WHICH IS THE most awesome sponsor and That December sponsor at SCRAP THAT MOMENT (how cool is that) he took my layout in and said I need 2 of this and 2 of this. and walked out with NOTHING else. My mouth is on the floor. Id have spent a hundred or so easy. BUT I love that line of paper too. Perfect for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas what is on everyones list? scrappy stuff? I already know what hubby is getting and well I know what he is getting me.. my island in my scrap room finished and the floor finished. It is gonna rock so much. Now my pals can all come scrap and not sit on top of each other lol I know katrina will be VERY HAPPY when its done.
Christmas is what 2 weeks away (as I look at the projects that are lying unfinished laughing at me) and my mom comes in bearing gifts Im shaking my head. I know I know its her last chance at a grand child my brother sure isnt having any more and well my baby making equipment is gone so let her spoil her. Well that is enough from me tonight. I havent checked in in a while so thought Id catch you up. Thanks for al the continued prayers. SOME DAY I will have 2 fully functional kidneys and can actually be a part of the outside of my house world again. Until then... TAH TAH


Didi said...

WOWIE WOWIE!!! YOu are SOOOO rockin!!!! CONGRATS on your DT call!!! What fun what fun!!! And how exciting to be all over that mag too!!!!! I wish I could get my hubby to go in a scrap store and actually buy something..and even just what I ordered! You got a keeper there! I am SO praying that you feel better soon. Did you check your email cuz I sent you a funny greeting! Feel better girlie!

*Jeanne* said...

Nancy I hope you start feel like your "normal self" soon. Wait a minute.. I dont know if I want that or not... it can be scarey at times.. ROFL

I am so proud of all the designs you are getting in print. As well all of your projects should be.

Congratulations again on Imagine Create, Scrap! They are lucky to have you!

Scrappytbear said...

I'm so glad you are still alive and able to pop in! I hope you are feeling so much better soon! Things are busy for you, things happening! You need to feel your best!