Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas.....

We pulled out the Christmas tree and all the decorations. It is finally starting to feel like Christmas now! I have been scrapping all weekend long. My friend Katrina came over and we got alot of pages done. Her little girls played with Bella a while today they were sooo cute! I got all my projects done for this weeks upload at Sakura is our sponsor this month and LET ME TELL YOU WOWOWOW what a wonderful sponsor they are. I couldn't believe all the yummy stuff that was in my box. This is the most awesome Design team I have ever worked for! I have had so much fun playing with the products I cannot wait to show you what all I did. BUT... I can't show you just yet. Thursday is my upload day so you will have to wait till then.. sorry. ALso BLogger is being a butt head today and wont let me upload images again for some reason. John said its probly full.. as IF THE INTERNET CAN FILL UP.. but WHO KNOWS. SO I will just have to tell you THEY ROCK! Some of the best I have done so far.. I KNOW I say that every time don't I. But these are so cute! I guess because I did alot of christmas themed things and the sparkly and shiny things IM just so excited cant wait to show you.
We may go to the maill tomorrow and visit Santa. Bella has been quite a handfull lately and I think I need to go remind her THIS DUDE IS SUPPOSED TO BRING HER PRESENTS if she is good... but she says ITS OK MY NANA WILL GET IT FOR ME (IM rolling my eyes here yall) SHe is in that age between 3 and 4 that is from HELL! WHere they wanna be a big kid so bad but they still wanna be a little kid too and you rock them and cuddle them but they want their independence and to see just HOW FAR THEY CAN PUSH YOU TILL YOUR EYES POP OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND ROLL AROUND ON THE FLOOR. Yep that would be it...
So far I think she owes Santa presents she has been so bad lately. BUT the breathing treatments and being sick IM SURE have NOTHING to do with it ::SIGH:: this too shall pass. ALL PART OF THE FUN OF GROWING UP.

DOn't forget to check out the Jones girls Challenge blog (you can see it over in my links since I dont have my tool bar to insert links and IT wont let me add this one for some reason manually) it is under KEEPIN' UP WITH THE JONES' we are having a Blast with this and have some rockin stuff plannned for yall. SO keep your eyes open.
WEll that is all for today unless you know how to make my photos show up again... Id appreciate it if YOu did if you told me lol.

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