Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy new year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR... These little kids are still shootin fireworks here. IT SOUNDS LIKE A WAR like we are under attack or something. PLEASEEE dont let them wake Bella up. Im pestering John to let me open my BD presents now and he wont let me till Bella wakes up.. heheehe Nahh I can wait till morning I wont dare wake her up (yall sit back down ,geez ,that was a joke mannn! I aint that crazy.. so dont be sendin no nasty emails about wakin sleepin babys and stuff :)) Maybe its scrappy stuff! yeah I know I have a ton of stuff I know I KNOW... but hey she who dies with the most stuff wins and well right now .. my mom is kickin all our butts.
I did a COOOOOOL page tonight for the JONES challenge that is coming up so yall keep your eyes peeled. I will show you this one though I did right before christmas. Hope you have a very happy new year. Eat some peas today and have some good luck! IM gonna eat lots of peas today cuz lord knows WE NEED some luck after this past year PLEASE let 07 be better haha!
BE SURE and get you the new hobby lobby book this week. I have some stuff in there, and several of my pals do too! HOpe you have a wonderful day. Im goin' to bed If these kids will stop shooting firecrackers long enough. ta ta for now

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Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Love this layout Nancy! Very very cool.