Monday, October 23, 2006

Scrap that moment Monday BLog Challenge

TOdays challenge on SCRAP THAT MOMENTS blog challenge is: WHat is your Passion. WELL I have 3 . My family, scrapbooking and photography. I love patterened paper and all you can do with it. I havent met many patterned papers I haven't liked. ESPECIALLY this crate paper IT IS TO DIE FOR!

I have been working really hard at my photography skills with lots of help from Tracey WHites book and calgaz showing me how to use my camera haha. I have seen alot of progress. I LOVE my camera and all its functions and it takes the best photos. BUT the person behind the camera has to kinda know what they are doing too. SO I had to make myself practise. Bella doesnt seem to mind too much.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday and if you get a chance stop by the boards on Scrap that moment. You will find all kinds of challenges there from blog challenges to scrappin challenges or kick back and muse with us in our daily musings and tell us about your day and whats on your mind. The gallery is FULL of amazing projects and scrap work if you don't find inspiration there then man Something is definitly wrong with ya ha! SO many talented people scrap there and I love them sharing their work. Be sure to say hi and give us a shout.

Till tomorrow .... :)


*Jeanne* said...

YOu are on a FLIPPIN roll girlie! This is too stinkin' cute. Yes I am using words from a wise woman in ALA BAMA! LOL

She is too precious... send her my way would you?


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

love the little scrolls! Someday I will have a camera like yours. :)

Suzanne said...

oh beautiful page, I am inspired to crack open the pack of those papers myself!

from another patterned paper fetishist (is that a word?) lol!

Vicky said...

I like the mixture of color you use in your LO's. I too love patterened paper. Do you do both paper and digital scrapbooking???

Jocelyn said...

I love this LO! You do great work!