Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sometimes you just gotta....

SO now you see what I have been working on today.... I had these photos and told my friend Kari Roach that I would show her a photo she would really appreciate hahaha Instead I made it into a layout.
NOW kARI you need to make yours into a layout hahahahaha! Show me when your done!

Happy early birthday to Lynette Our fearless leader. Her birthday is tomorrow and we wish she has a good one!! YOU ROCK LYNETTE.
That is it for me today been busy busy cleaning and scrapping.. Ok mostly scrappin' got alot of stuff due so I will be locked in for the next week.
Hope you had a great hump day :)


*Jeanne* said...

What an adorable design Nancy! I love it! She is too cute for words!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Very cute. So vivid! I just bought that paper 3 for $1. :)

Athene said...

You are the one who rocks! I love this layout! Miss all your emails so you must have gotten your package and are hard at work creating! Yeah, can't wait to see the awesome layouts you will have!
Luv ya, sis!

Jaci said...

Super cute Nancy! Sounds like you're feeling a little better? Glad to hear that.