Sunday, September 17, 2006

Posting Early but will update

Bella got into an ant bed tonight or rather this evening. They tore her up. SHe has a handfull and a half bites on her legs. GOOD NEWS: she obviously isn't as allergic to ants as she is other insects. Bad news: she still got bit and they look awful and DID swell up so she is allergic just NOT as bad as some but we will still have to watch her around insects. Poor baby. John told her to stay off the grass he hasn't put out the ant crapp since it rained and they are everywhere. SHe is going through that "I am three and my ears don't work" phase of her life and had to learn the hard way I suppose. I feel so bad for her. I especially feel bad for John right now cuz it is 11 pm and she is still singing "twinkle twinkle widdle tar" jumping on the bed and will not go to sleep. I tried to give him a break and lay down with her but when she realised it OH NO it began here come the tears I WANT MY DADDDDDDDDDDEeeehhhhhYYYYyyyyyyyy.... Poor John I know he is tired. THe benadryll must have adverse reacted and nope didnt knock her out one bit.

Other than that it was a pretty quiet, enjoyable Sunday here in Bella's World. I managed to get my tag book finished. BIG YEAH for me. My eye looks INCREDIBLY better DOUBLE YEAH for that. Now it just looks like I had a serious zit, my eye is still all funky though...wonder when that will go away... I have 3 dr appts tomorrow but no clue how we are going to do them all. That is why Im doing my blog tonight instead of in the morning so blog natzi doesnt crack her whip at me (luv ya Jeanne lol)

I got to talk to my friend Cheryl tonight briefly, I miss her so... she is so flipping talented. The basket full of apples I have on stm is totally inspired by her previous ones and will be a gift for Bellas teacher/our neighbor, Later on in the year. MINE IS NOTHING in comparison to what she has done by all means. I thank her for her continued inspiration. I had to use that basic grey on it, it is my fav. SHe knows she is one of my heros in the scrapping world. Yall should go check out her blog (click on her name) she has amazing stuff there! SHe totally inspires me and well everyone she meets I must add. All that talent and a sweetie to boot.. who could ask for more! She deserves every bit of success if not more than she has. You rock Cheryl.
My mom found that basket and was GONNA THROW IT AWAY I screamed OMG! NO WAY YOUR NOT I know just what to do with it. SO thanks cheryl You rock big!

I don't hear any more singing at the moment so I am thinking Bella must have finally given in to slumber. That is a good thing. Tomorrow will be a big day so She needs her rest (don't we all!)
I know I will update this after we get out blog challenges so just come on back over ya hear!

*****edited to note: Bella is doing ok today she had nightmares last night about ants trying to eat her face off through her feet. poor baby. MY gyno released me YEAHHH! Eye dr said it is healing but I have to come back again day after tomorrow. We rescheduled my other dr since I saw the optometrist he felt it ok to wait a day... unless changes and I was flippin exhausted. I know that sounds whimpy but IM bad out of shape from all this.. gotta get back on the treadmill.
Headache from you know where but everything is good just raining and getting a little cooler thank goodness. Thanks for asking


Kimberly Rae said...

hugs to you all, and I am so glad that lil' Bella is ok . Benadryl's tricky... says it may cause excitability, knocks me out for 24 hours. Thanks for your great blog comments, I am so blessed to have your friendship in my life!! HUGS!!!

Jaci said...

Aww poor thing. Sorry to hear about that! Benadryl sends my kids zooming too! Bouncing off the walls! Hope she feels better soon. And I hope your drs have something good to say!!!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

How's Bella doing today? Sleepy?
Hope she feels better. Hope all your appts were a breeze.

cheryl mezzetti said...

Hey nancy
I hope Bella is better today - she is getting so big.
Thank u for you kind words about my work - you are too too generous.

Hopefully you are feeling better and the dr's appts went well.

*Jeanne* said...

Im so glad you are doing much better! Poor little Bella, hope she sleeps well tonight!

Hugs to you dearie!