Sunday, September 24, 2006

The family that hurls together?

Maybe this needs a disclaimer cuz we all have some freaky virus
NO we didnt eat spinach or any frog infested salads yeaauuulllKKkk!

I know that is not exactly the way the phrase goes but well LETS just say it does at our house. We have some kinda NASTY bug we have been harboring and taken turns with. NOT FUN. I havent scrapped in days but I will be back soon. Just checking in mainly saying HI WE ARE STILL ALIVE.... I do not wanna see any more chicken noodle or chicken whatever soup for a while. Bella even asked DO WE have ANYTHING that isnt Chicken water mommy? poor baby.
John has us all on a regime of gatorade and vitamins he said NO more viruses can enter here. ( in his best super hero impression) I guess the threat alone should have had the critters heading for the hills but they decided to jump him instead (who can blame them he is so darn cute) Thank God he has such an awesome immune system he felt like nauseaus and a cramp and was over it while Bella and I were sure we faced certain death by tidy bowl man.

Today we are thankful we can both sit in the upright position with out as Bella says "feelin like sick" We both made it through one episode of food channel's cupcake competition before it hit us again so... obviously it is a site illness as well, Meaning we throw up the food we see not just the food we eat.. . I anxiously await TV tonight as more new shows come out LOVE fall tv. CUZ YOU KNOW It will be over in just a couple weeks then the same ol crapp will be on again...sigh.. Thank you GOD for Grey's Anatomy. I love that show.


*Jeanne* said...

I have been so worried about you! I have been thinking of you. I hope you and your family get better asap.

sending hugs your way...

Jaci said...

We just went through the same thing here. I'm so sorry! I hope everyone feels better soon. It lasted about 3 days for us :(

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I think we need to buy John a nurses outfit. :)