Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oh OWW ughhh

I took a picture earlier of Bella and nana coloring but I feel to crappy to put it on here Im laying in bed watcing americas got talent (that is debatable by some of these acts) and dying, I feel horrible today, I forgot last night in my sleep i had wandered off the pillows and was laying flat and sat straight up. I heard a pop and omg the pain started. John called my dr today they called me in darvocet which made me throw up like 3 times so far. OK when you have surgery DOWN THERE and then you THROW UP this dont work good so NOW IM DYING and they cant call in anything stronger they told me to take more phenegren it iwll knock me out eventually,
THIS IS THE NURSE RECOMENDATION Im like OOOk , whihc I guess there really isnt anything they can do short of me going to the er cuz they cant call in anything stronger, SO I am trying to distract myself,
Donna D, jumped out of an airplane today or err tomorrow whichever cuz she is in new zealand is it today or tomorrow I cant remember but she did, WHY THE HECK would anyone jump out of a perfectly good airplane that isnt on fire or crashing for the love of chocolate??? IF I WAS TO JUMP there is something major bad happening I am here to tell you.
WE have a chat with Melody Ross tonight of Chatterbox at the bliss I CANT WAIT I hope I can feel up to going IM SURE GONNA TRY, I keep missing them (bad nancy bad)
SO happy my little bit is home My friend Jeanne made a layout with Bellas sweet face on it CHECK IT OUT is sooo cute she rocks I jsut love her what an awesome friend to have ya know,
Im gonna lay back for a few minutes and pray i can make it to melodys chat


*Jeanne* said...

I am so glad you like the design. I sure wish you weren't feel so bad. You were doing so good too. You want me to fly down there and slap that nurse that will not help you out with the correct happy pills? You know I will... Just for you! lol


*Elise* said...

Oh Nancy, I feel so bad for you. I did the exact same thing the first night I was home from the hospital, more or less... tried to roll over in my sleep in woke up feeling that pulling/popping pain. I had to settle for Vicodin being called in when I ran out of Percocet the next day. I promise it does start feeling better eventually. Hope your feeling at least a little better today. Call me if you want to talk. Glad Bella is home, hope she's not trying to hop on Mommy's lap though - just about killed me those first few days not really being able to snuggle my girls. Sending you big hugs:)

Kara Jones said...

Glad Bella is ome Nancy! the Darvocet makes me sick too. But I found if you take the Phenergan about 20 minutes ahead of the Darvocet it helps. Hopefully, you are feeling good enough that you don't need it anymore!