Monday, August 14, 2006

Missin my bug

One thing I didn't count on after this surgery is the flood of hormones. I could just cry over nothing. I miss my baby girl SOOO MUCH it physically hurts (or is that actually real pain from the actual surgery who knows ......who cares) I didnt think Id miss her as much as I do but then I didnt realise SHE Was gonna be gone as long too. I am about to plan a pure mutiny if my hubby doesnt commit to sooner than Saturday to go get her, Im thinking Thursday maybe wed, he keeps getting later in the week. This is his vacation time he is taking so I know he needs some recoup time as well. I did get up more today and do a little more today than I have been doing and I figure I will feel the remifications of that tomorrow. I havnt taken pain meds in a while like a long while today. WE are MAKING PROGRESS PEOPLE! I got in the mail some coool heidi swapp stuff today from the scrapbook fairy THANK YOU SCRAPBOOK FAIRY (your welcome nancy) (since I got no flowers in the hospital thi swill do, thank you honey) I love it it is beautiful.
I got the chipboard clocks in pink and brown, the big and little assorted flowers, bling iron on words (they are so stinkin cute) and some rub ons and the chipboard tags and other stuff that rocks I got the autumn leaves rhonna farrer stamps the fluerishes (love those) and alot of lil davis paints and dazzle what every girl needs to bling any project. I got some older lil davis things that were on clearance for little of NOTHING for Christmas pages Im working on (when I get to) and for cards. I will take a photo and let yall drool with me, NEXT purchase is that my minds eye bohemian line OMG and the urban lilly YUMMY!!! ANDREA is going to get me in big trouble mister I must get well and get some fundage for my projects. WEll that is all for today. I figure hubby can blow money on cigarettes to kill himself with I can at least spend on something to preserve his memory so the blonde child will know who he is. Until tomorrow muuuah


*Jeanne* said...

Hey there you! I know you miss your cute little Bella. Make sure you are feeling up to it. You dh is thinking of you.. trust me.

Oh I know that scrapbook fairy... she is the greatest... I can't wait to see what you come up with all you YUMMY goodies!

Hugs, Keep getting better!

Susie said...

Glad you are starting to feel a little better! pretty soon Bella will be home and you will be trying to get someone to take her for awhile!! LOL I totally understand missing her!! You love them so much but they can drive you nuts!! She sure is a cutey!! Hope things progress even faster!! But don't overdo!!!