Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hurricane Katrina... DO you get the picture?

This is a hurricane picture I found online that just moved me to tears. I have saved it on my computer all this time. I haven't scrapped it yet because I don't know who took the photo to give them proper credits or even who this photo is of. I would love to. I may even get in trouble for this being on my blog but I had to share with you the feelings of this photo that pressed on my soul.

Here is this person, we dont see their face, but, what do we see in this picture? I see desperation.

They needed obviously something to go on their feet Im sure they were hurting. They probably walked for miles on end in the heat through the nastiest of conditions. I am sure they were feet that were beyond tired and acheing. Probably feet that tread through things their mind had never thought of. These feet may have been on a roof top, or at the bottom of many feet of water. They may have ran desperately for safety or to save someone else. They were a sight of desperation, but hope. They made do with resources they could find. Something readily available that could give the slightest amount of relief.

This moves me so much because it shows me how things really were and what we witnessed so many times. People without. BUT.. pulling together and coming up with a solution. Using what resources were in their reach no matter what but to serve the purpose of the need they were left in. So many people lost everything they had that day. Some didnt even have the shoes on their feet, even clothes on their backs. Food and water were a luxury better yet a safe place to be. All of the things we take for granted... America has so much yet..We were reduced in areas to worse than third world country conditions, war zones looked better and more promising.. Some feared help would never come. I wish I knew this person. I would be sure they never wanted for shoes again. Think about this today when you tie your laces, or fasten a buckle or slip on those crocs.
God bless all of those who suffer.... May they never have to suffer again.

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Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I still can't believe everything that happened. My mind has the photo of the man who died in his wheelchair outside the superdome.