Sunday, August 27, 2006

Groovy girl

I LOVE Winnies Walls by SEI. It is truly my favorite line of paper! It is so versitile and since Bella's favorite color (well for a while there It has been changing pretty regular lately) is Orange IT fits perfect for me to scrap. They did such a good job of making it girly and frilly with just enough pizzaaz to make your pages ROCKIN' and NO I dont get paid to say that (wouldn' t that be so cool!) Add that to my list of dreams!

Speakign of Dreams... I Cannot sleep tonight. Every time I close my eyes I dream things sad so I just got back up and went online and played for a long time. Then scrapped this. I need to be doing those Christmas Cards for my Scrappy chickassignment but I just can't find my groove on them. Maybe if I turn the air down low and sing Jingle Bells or something Ill get a wiff of inspiration!! I did get my other projects done for that though. IM SO PROUD of them. I wanna show ya but I can't sorry. TOP secret till the magazine comes out! I also have all those back to school projects due for untamed back to school edition of The view. BY the way I am diva of the Month over there so GO check it out!!

SO what are you gonna do on this Sunday? Are you going to church with your family? I sure hope so. I would love to go but My dr will not release me till tomorrow to go do anything. I figure he will, but IM having a strange discharge so who knows what that is. We will know soon enough. Other than that I feel fine. SO MUCH BETTER. Funny you look back and see just how horrific you did feel after you feel better and IM NOT even healed yet and LOOK at all the stuff Im able to do. Stuff I haven't been able to do in MONTHS. SO happy. My dr is praying (I know I sure am) this surgery finally puts me back into remission! WE did get the pathology report and NO CANCER. WHat a relief. I have never been so happy in my life. I really didn't think it was but he said ya never know and with the family history it is best to have it tested. SO they were all fibrous tissues, adhesions, cyst and non cancerous tumors. JUST enough to make ya sick though (esp if you have lupus) the are discovering more and more information out and come to find out Endometriosis and Lupus DONT JIVE at all. They feed like off each other and can cause a HUGE array of problems and Kidney issues were like number 2 on the list. IMAGINE THAT. Thank God I had a gyno that is knowledgable and works hand in hand with my rheumatologist. That was a true blessing. He was so sweet to me and he showed genuine concern. I would highly recommend him to anyone in Mobile. Im so happy I found a dr that could help. OK Im off. I wish I could go to church today. Im still swollen and don't know if any of my clothes would fit to tell the truth. ALso kinda embarrassed ok aot embarrassed...I look like a jack o lantern since they messed my teeth up so bad during the surgery. They said I can get them fixed HOPEFULLY next week (can't take the what you call it to numb you and the gas and stuff because of my throat and recent anesthesia..?? that is what they said anyway) I will be so happy to get it fixed though! Maybe I wont look so redneckish Nothing like swollen fat hysterectomy woman with chipped and banged up teeth.. NOT pretty site. Happy Sunday to you. Have a wonderful day!


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

You may be a site for sore eyes, but it's still beautiful!
This layout is amazing! Some of your best work. Great job Nancy.

Anam said...

**hugs** i have endo so know the damage that does on its on - there is more and more studies that prove endo is an auto immune issue at the other end of the scale from lupus so they react against eahc other **hugs** so glad you had cool doctors who made sure you were ok. sending fast healing vibes.

Nicole said...

I'm so glad to hear no cancer and that you're feeling better! Hopefully the dr will release you today, but not if it's still to early. By the way I LOVE your new lo!