Tuesday, June 13, 2006

HOme at last thank GOD

WELL to say the least... I am at home. 3 thousand yes people that si right dollars later Im home. that is a round about figure. My truck is toast. the transmission is torn up and the guy said the motor is gonna be toast eventually cuz stuff MELTED into it and the compressor on my air conditioner cuz the trailer we were towing was too heavy... lesson learned. IM exhausted this was more work than i have ever done in my entire life to get zero pay. which elsucko's THIS was the most awful convention I have ever seen. THey had dollar bins there which was good for the consumer but was awful for the vendors. IT was rude and cheap and we feel it was a big garage sale. THEY LITERALLY were auctioning off stuff in the back. IT was maddening. SO needless to say she didnt make any money there fore didnt get to pay me. so I guess I was a volunteer... HAHA guess my creditors will understand that AND the fact NOW I have to buy a new vehicle. SIGH well THIS TOO SHALL PASS. I am going to bed and IM JUST SOOO HAPPY IT IS OVER AND I AM HOME!!!!!

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Susie said...

SO SORRY NANCY!!was so hoping you would come home with lots of exciting news!!!!