Friday, June 02, 2006

bye bye Barbie Jeep

Well, WE TRIED and tried we almost saught therapy BUT Bella is TERRIFIED of the barbie Jeep! I got 2 pictures of her on it at her birthday party smiling... THeN tragedy struck. Little girl sitting on it with her hit the gas or shall we say GO PEDAL.. and sent them sailing through the yard. Bella has been traumatised ever since. WE tried everything to get her to ride it. SHe calls it BAD jeep Scary jeep and screams if we try to get her to ride it. She walks by it and just says "Jeep scare me" HOW horrible her little images in her head must be. I feel so sorry for her and feel so guilty and bad for trying to make her face her fear and ride it. I guess she is just still too young. The sweet lady that sold it to us. Well I had not paid for it completely yet, Said she has someone else that wants it so she is coming to get it tomorrow. IN HOPES Bella would change her mind and say NO BELLA JEEP I told her Mrs Kim was gonna come get it she said OK NO more bella scary jeep YEAH!!!!! I was shocked and was like OOOOK! Sooo, we are saying bye bye to Jeep. We won't go there again for a long time. IT is so hard to tell with parenting what a good decision and a bad decision is. I thought wow what a good deal and Kim was so sweet to let us do this for her birthday and then let me pay her after the garage sale. Was also very sweet to take it back. (I was gonna just sell it or eat the cost with lesson learned you never know about kids and save it till she is older) So that was very nice of her to offer to take it back since she knows someone else that wants it. I pray that child doesnt find it scary. She is still content with her FOOT pedaled car for now and hey the excercise is good for her lol. SO much for the great bargain. My hubby says he feels safer with her not behind the wheel just yet hahahaa. Another scary thing for mommy and daddy ... Bella growing up!


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Poor Bella! She doesn't need a jeep anyway.

NancyJones said...

WELL She is JUST 3 barely 3 so IN DUE TIME. It was just a great deal a little worn out but for the money I didnt care.... but, we have plenty of time for that. We need to learn to ride a tricycle first lol and get potty trained. She didn't cry at all I told her it went bye bye she said OK no more bobby Jeep Bedda wide her twytickle. SO Im happy she is happy so there goes a good day :)